August 2012

120mm Hardwood Oak Lacquered 31/08/2012

120mm Hardwood Oak Lacquered

Discount Flooring Depot 18mm x 120mm Hardwood oak lacquered is a great choice for those who are looking for a beautiful real real wood flooring at a cost effective price. The solid oak 120mm lacquered boards are manufactured from a single plank of timber which makes strong and durable. The product is 18mm thick and 120mm wide and features a tongue and groove fitting system.  This hardwood floor can be installed by nailing down or gluing to the sub floor. The lacquered finish gives the floor a beautiful semi gloss... Read More

Tradition Quattro Legacy Oak 30/08/2012

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

What is a Laminate Flooring? Laminate is one of the most fitted floor coverings in the UK.  Laminate flooring is made up of four layers. Firstly, there is a backing layer which provides stability and protects the laminate from excess moisture, a core layer made from medium density fibreboard (MDF) or plywood is then bonded on top which creates the body of the laminate. A high definition image of the wood or the tile is then pressed onto the core layer and is then finished with a wear layer. A... Read More

Oak Scotia 29/08/2012
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Do I need an Expansion Gap?

An expansion gap is a small gap that is left around the perimeter of the room when installing a laminate, engineered or solid wood floor. All wood is responsive to temperature and moisture change. When the floor is subjected to high levels of humidity or exposed to excess water each plank will expand slightly. Adversely, in dry and cooler areas the floor is likely to contract. The expansion gap will allow the floor to expand and contract without buckling, warping or splitting. For laminate flooring we would recommend an expansion... Read More

Engineered Oak Flooring 20/4 Brushed and Lacquered 27/08/2012

Wood Flooring in the Summer

If, here in Britain, we are lucky enough for the clouds and the rain to move over and make way for the sunshine and heat of the summer months, we must remember that, like all things, wood is responsive to the heat and light of the sun. The heat and humidity of the summer can cause chaos for even the best laid, quality flooring. Direct sunlight can create major problems for your floor as this can cause the colour to deteriorate and your wood to age prematurely. One of the... Read More

White Oak Hardwood Flooring 24/08/2012

What are the benefits of white oak hardwood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of class to your home. White oak hardwood flooring is recognized as a high quality building material that is long lasting as it can be sanded and refinished up to 20 times. Property experts say that homes with solid wood flooring tend to offer better returns than properties with carpet or laminate. Main benefits: The way it looks: A solid wood floor gives a high end look to any home. If you want to create a... Read More

Sherwood Country Oak 90mm 23/08/2012
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Buying a solid wood floor that can change with your style

Interior tastes and trends are constantly changing, so why not invest in a quality solid wood floor that can keep up with the changes? Aside from the impressive longevity qualities and stunning natural characteristics that are offered by a solid wood floor, there is the added benefit that the appearance of the floor can be altered to suit individual taste. Many homeowners choose to redecorate their home every few years. New wallpaper, a lick of paint or some new accessories can go a long way in transforming and updating any... Read More

Timberfoil damp proof membrane underlay for laminate flooring 22/08/2012
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Choosing The Right Underlay For Your New Laminate Floor

Floors can be a bit picky, and on top of that, no two homes are the same. This can lead to a headache when you’re trying to figure out exactly what underlay you need to get peak performance from your floor and make sure that it can withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially with kids or pets thrown into the mix. You’ll need to consider the sub-floor type, whether it’s concrete, wood, or tile. Concrete flooring will require an underlay with a moisture barrier to stop moisture... Read More

Egger Vivo Trend African Walnut 21/08/2012
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Egger Group

In light of the recent recession, many believe that a manufacturing led recovery is key to the stabilisation of the economy. The Egger Group is a shining example of how the manufacturing sector has been beneficial for the UK economy. Establishing in Austria in 1961 as a chipboard producer, Egger has grew from strength to strength offering a wide selection of boards, flooring, building products and accessories. In 1984 the Egger Group embarked on an international venture into Britain acquiring their Hexham manufacturing plant. An increase in demand lead to... Read More

Premier Select 10mm American Walnut 20/08/2012

Should I buy a laminate floor?

If you are looking for a floorcovering that is stylish, durable and easy to maintain then laminate flooring is the product for you. Laminate flooring has become increasing popular over the last decade, as it gives the appearance of a real wood but at fraction of the price. Laminate flooring is made by pressing together three different parts. The first part is the top wear layer, which makes the product tough and protects it against denting and scratching. The second part is the décor paper, which is made by graphic... Read More

Euro Clic Palladio Dark 17/08/2012

The History of Flooring

If you are looking to replace your flooring, there are plenty of options available at your fingertips. This has however, not always been the case. In early homes, and still in some regions of the world, the floor is just a patch of ground, this often consists of dirt, hay, stray and cow dung as this is an inexpensive option and suitable in warm climates. Animals would often share the home with their owners and subsequently their dung would be trampled into the floor. Sand was often spread over the... Read More