September 2012

Bathroom Flooring 28/09/2012
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Bathroom Flooring

Our team here at Discount Flooring Depot are asked constantly about what floor covering is best for a bathroom or if any of our products are suitable for use in a bathroom. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we can not recommend any of our products for use in bathrooms, toilets or wetrooms. We specialise in quality laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring and although aesthetically pleasing, these are not suitable for bathrooms. Wood and water are not the best of friends. Wooden floors can not withstand water as it... Read More

Weather Warning 26/09/2012

What to do if Your Home is Flooded

According to the Telegraph, over 78 floor warnings have been issued this morning with the north of England being worst affected. The BBC also stated that “flooding is expected to continue to cause problems, as the most intense storm for 30 years continues. This severe weather can cause havoc to your day-to-day life with traffic jams, surface water, business closures and often a halt on public transport. Excess rainfall will put your home or business at risk from flooding which is not only time consuming and costly but can also... Read More

Tradition Quattro Select Walnut 25/09/2012

Walnut Flooring

In recent years, the popularity of dark wooden flooring has risen dramatically as it is considered in the interior design world to be stylish, sophisticated and stunning especially when teamed with contrasting pure white walls to create a modern, yet timeless décor. The Walnut tree is native to North American but is known to grow in China, India and parts of Europe where it thrives in habitats with lots of water and good sunlight. Walnut trees are used as an aesthetically pleasing landscaping addition, providing shade and attracting wildlife. This... Read More

Premier 10mm Cavallo Oak 24/09/2012
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Plank Edge Styles

There is so much to consider when choosing a laminate floor. You must decide on the thickness, the width, the décor, the finish and the brand but it is also important to understand the differences in plank edge styles. The edging of the planks have the ability to completely transform the look of the floor and your room. V-Groove – Also known as a bevelled edge. This is each plank has a distinctive groove which forms a deep ‘V’ once installed. This gives an authentic appearance of a solid wood... Read More

Solid Oak Hand Scraped UV Antique 21/09/2012

Industrial Interior Design

  Channel 4 Home highlights the ‘Industrial Trend’ as being one of the top interior design trends for 2012. This Industrial Trend is all about the décor of your room being inspired by old factories or industrial plants; a very interesting and edgy look. The most useful elements for this look are metal, brick and wood to create a raw, rough and unfinished look. Tired and worn metal gives a strong industrial feel when incorporated into the lighting, furniture and accessories. Combine wood with the metal and naked brickwork to... Read More

Redwood Engineered Clic Gracious Silver 20/09/2012
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What is a Floating Floor?

You might come across the term ‘floating floor’ when you are looking at buying a new floor or speaking to experienced fitters however most people do not understand what a floating floor is or why it might be the correct option for them. Definition of a Floating Floor The term ‘floating floor’ refers to an installation method where the new floor is not directly secured to the subfloor (no glue or nails are used). The floor will be held together by either a click/lock system which will secure one board... Read More

Redwood American Engineered Maple 19/09/2012

Maple Hardwood Flooring

With its gorgeous light blond colour and little graining, maple flooring will give a bright, contempory feel to any home. Maple trees are very adaptable and are known to grown in a range of habitats and climates from Europe to China to Africa. Maple trees will grow to approximately 60 feet and produce small v-shaped fruits with parallel wings, known commonly by the nickname ‘helicopter’. The Maple tree has a varied portfolio of uses. The sap of the tree is a vital source of syrup and is used as an... Read More

Solid Oak Twin Profile 0.99m 18/09/2012
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Flooring Accessories

When looking to buy a new floor, consumers always overlook the importance of flooring accessories. The main accessory that is always overlooked is underlay. Many individuals do not fully understand what underlay is or why it is important to use it. Because underlay is hidden and will therefore not affect the finished look of the floor, many choose to opt out. An experienced fitter or supplier will always recommend the use of underlay with wooden floors. An underlay will lengthen the life of your floor, improve acoustic performance, smooth subfloor... Read More

Prestige Oxford Oak 7mm 17/09/2012

British Trees

With the excitement of the Queen’s diamond jubilee, the Olympics and the Paralympics still fresh in our minds, there is no better time to be British and to appreciate what Britain has to offer. Scones, red telephone boxes and tea are all quintessentially British but there is also a range of different tree species that are classified as British trees. These species are either naturalised and accepted as British trees over long periods of time or native species that have been around forever. The main tree species considered to be... Read More

Sherwood Country Oak 120mm 14/09/2012
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Rugs and Hardwood Flooring

The use of rugs over your hardwood floor is not only a stylish addition to your room but also a practical choice to help protect and preserve a solid or engineered floor for years to come. Rugs are often used in high traffic areas to offer protection for the floor against the wear and tear of an active family or busy household. There are a number of benefits associated with using a rug with a hardwood floor; The rug can add style and a burst of colour to the room.... Read More