October 2012

Engineered 18/4 x 120mm Oak UV Lacquered 31/10/2012

Solid Wood Flooring vs Engineered Flooring

“What is the difference between solid wood flooring and an engineered wood floor?” This is a question that we get asked all the time here at Discount Flooring Depot as most individuals are unaware of the differences between a solid and an engineered floor and what one is more suited for their individual needs. It is a common misconception that engineered flooring is a cheaper alternative to solid wood flooring as many believe it is of a lesser quality. This is however, not the case. Although engineered flooring is not... Read More

Ash Dieback causes leaf loss and crown dieback. 30/10/2012

Ash Tree Import Ban

With an estimate of 80 million trees, the ash tree is the forth most common tree species in the UK and is commonly used for furniture, flooring, tools and walking sticks due to its strong and flexible nature. On Monday, a ban on the import of ash trees came into force as a number of native ash tress have been confirmed to have the deadly Chalara dieback disease, known commonly as ash dieback. This killer disease is already known to have wiped out 90% of Denmark’s ash tree population which... Read More

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Tile Effect Laminate – A Night On The Tiles!

What Are Laminate Tiles?   Tile effect laminate flooring is manufactured in the same way a regular wood effect laminate is. A high resolution photo of a wood floor is essentially bonded onto a high density fibreboard (or HDF, as it is often known). This image can mimic just about any surface – marble, slate, travertine, granite, and so on – without the expensive price tag. In fact, a laminate could mimic just about any pattern or style, though we’ve yet to see high demand for flower print, seashell print,... Read More

Underfloor Heating Underlay 23/10/2012

Underfloor Heating

The autumn leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and it is clear to see that winter is just around the corner. Fully aware of just how harsh British winters can be, many Brits are looking into purchasing an underfloor heating system to warm their homes in the cold coming months. Advances in underfloor heating have ensured that it can be used as a primary heating source and not only for floor warming. An underfloor heating system covers the whole floor and radiates the heat upwards throughout the room. Underfloor... Read More

Engineered Clic 120mm Walnut 16/10/2012
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Engineered Clic 120mm

In recent years, engineered flooring has continued to grow in popularity and is often the more favourable option over solid wood due to its increased stability to moisture and heat along with its ability to be installed over all dry wood and concrete subfloors. Another benefit of an engineered floor is its ability to help preserve exotic wood resources as it is manufactured with a HDF (high density fibreboard) or plywood core with a solid hardwood veneer glued on top. This will give your floor the appearance and class of... Read More

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Kronospan Flooring A Brief History

Kronospan aim to be the best that they can be for their customers, offering a vast product range, fast delivery times and excellent customer service. Their main aims are to satisfy their customer’s needs at affordable prices and provide the best quality of service while reacting quickly to both market and technological changes. A Brief History Established in 1897 as a family run organisation in Lungötz, Austria, Kronospan believes firmly that ‘nothing is impossible’. This motto, along with their vision which focuses on; simplicity, low costs, people and entrepreneurship has... Read More

African Acacia Tree 09/10/2012

Acacia Trees give Unique Floor Characteristics

Acacia trees are unique and exotic trees found in warm and hot climates typically in desert-like and tropical regions. Growing to approximately 40 feet, most of the Acacia species have small, divided green leaves where others have large thorns or sharp spines and blossom with small white or yellow fragrant flowers. With over 800 species, Acacia is one of the largest tree families in the world. Acacia is native to Australia but is also know to be found in warmer climates such as Mexico, Hawaii and Africa. There is a... Read More


Country Décor

It is not only in grand country estates that you will find fresh country décor but more and more city houses and flats are moving away from a modern and technically inspired décor towards a casual and comfortable design. Fresh country style incorporates nature into the home with natural wood, stone and foliage. Organic and unique, this is an ideal décor for the homeowners to show off their personal flair. Country style furniture tends to be quirky and antique with practicality being its main purpose. Each room in a country... Read More

conservatory flooring 03/10/2012
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Conservatory Flooring – Make The Right Choice

Choosing the right conservatory flooring build is just as important as choosing the design of the extension itself. A lot of people choose to have the floor of the conservatory simply carry on from the rest of their home, but sometimes this isn’t the right choice. There are a few issues to consider before choosing your conservatory flooring. Like every other room of your house, there is a right and a wrong floor to have, and you don’t want to build your dream sun room and have it ruined by... Read More

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When Would I Replace My Hardwood Flooring?

It is almost always likely to be cheaper to refinish your hardwood floor than replace it entirely; however, there are some scenarios when you would decide to purchase a new hardwood floor. Is your floor old and worn? Hardwood flooring is renowned for its longevity qualities and is known to last for decades with top quality hardwood floors lasting well over 100 years. If your floor has been down for a significant period of time and has been sanded and refinished on several occasions, it may, at this stage be... Read More