November 2012

steam cleaning cat 20/11/2012

Steam Cleaning Wooden Floors – Here’s Why It’s A Bad Idea

It might seem like everyone you know is picking up a steam cleaner, and who can blame them? They promise to be a fast and effective solution for cleaning your wooden floors. While the steam cleaners are renowned to be eco-friendly, using only water with no need for any chemical cleaners, they can still cause issues with a wooden floor. While it’s true that a steam cleaner only uses water for a safe, deep clean, real wood floors and excessive levels of water don’t tend to play well together.  ... Read More

Wooden Floor Waste Factor 06/11/2012

How to Calculate Flooring Wastage

No matter how good you or your fitting might be at the intricate and ancient art of laying flooring, there’s an important factor that folks often forget to include with their order…   Wastage. Whether you’re working with solid wood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, or engineered flooring, it’s important to remember that all flooring of all types has a waste factor. For carpets and vinyl this could be to do with the roll width or the shape of the room. Or it could even be due to a hatchet job cutting... Read More