February 2013

Laminate Installation Kit 22/02/2013
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Why is my Laminate Floor Lifting?

Recent advances in laminate flooring have led to an extremely strong, durable and affordable flooring solution. Laminate flooring now mimics solid wood to the point that it can be hard to tell the difference between a top of the range laminate and it’s solid wood cousins! If wood isn’t your bag, you can also get laminates in tile and stone effects that look identical to their real stone and tile counterparts, without getting frostbite on your toes on those cold mornings…   Have a look at our huge range of... Read More

Squeaky Floorboards 04/02/2013

Removing a Single Damaged Plank of Hardwood Flooring

Engineered and solid wood flooring planks are generally held together by a tongue and groove system and then secured to the subfloor using nails. Due to this installation, it is difficult to remove a single damaged plank of flooring without damaging the surrounding boards. This is a challenging task but is by no means impossible, this simply requires a bit of time and patience.   1. Firstly, use masking tape to cover the edges of the surrounding planks to avoid damage. This will not only protect the good boards but... Read More