April 2013


Financing Service Now Available at Discount Flooring Depot

Here at Discount Flooring Depot we understand the financial strains associated with decorating your home. The costs involved with refurbishing tend to mound up to higher than expected and for this reason we are now offering a financing service to help spread the cost of your new floor. Advantages of a Financing Service with pay4later You’ll have a decision within minutes! Simply submit your application and go pop the kettle on. You’ll know whether your application has been successful or not when you come back with a cuppa. It’s far... Read More


Men and Interior Design

One of the most talked about interior design trends for 2013 is men! With a changing society and the push for equality between the sexes greater than ever, it is no surprise to see that the presence of men in the interior design world is on the rise. Men are spending increasingly more time in the home; working from home, helping with housework and for childcare. The recent years have also seen the number of single occupancy households soar where currently 29% of the UK households consist of only one... Read More

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Exposing Your Brick Interior Wall – Step By Step

Exposing your brick interior walls might sound like something you’d do by accident when trying to hang a painting or install a TV bracket, but it can actually add a gorgeous and unique new feature to your home. It looks especially good in shops, cafes, or restaurants too, so even if you’re not planning it for your home, it can be great for your other projects. Exposing natural brick can add character and beauty to any room, and it’s perfect for that rustic, hipster chic look that is so in... Read More