May 2013

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Painted and Stenciled Floors – Do It Yourself!

There’s more to floors than just solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, vinyl or carpet, though these are all great places to start! But if your floor has seen better days or you want to achieve a completely unique look in your home, why not stencil and paint your floor? You can flex your artistic muscles and transform your floor into something truly unique. If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities or would rather work to a stencil, there are plenty of suppliers out there who stock a massive range... Read More


Laminate Flooring Repair – Tools and Tips

In recent years, the advances in the production of laminate flooring have been incredible. Laminate flooring is one of the most durable and resilient floor covering options on the market. Although laminate flooring is significantly cheaper than solid wood flooring it is known to be a stronger and harder wearing product. In spite of these amazing qualities, laminate is not indestructible –and accidents do happen! There are a number of tools and accessories which are handy to have around if and when accidents happen. When it comes to wood flooring... Read More



Here at Discount Flooring Depot we have started to stock a range of quality and affordable flooring installation systems from the reputable Rewmar brand. Rewmar are committed to providing top of the range, technologically advanced products which ensure the successful, professional installation of your solid wood and engineered wood flooring. Each of the Rewmar adhesive products are fully flexible and waterproof allowing your wooden floor to be free to expand and contract naturally – remember to leave adequate expansion gaps! Rewmar have taken special care when it comes to the... Read More

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Fascinating Flooring Facts!

The world of flooring can be a surprisingly exciting place. Trust us. Here’s a round up of a few of the most fascinating flooring facts we’ve stumbled across on our long and storied voyage through the wonderful world of wood that you walk on.   1 – Bamboo is stronger than most solid wood floors. In fact, it’s renowned for it’s incredible strength, and it’s actually as strong as steel. Bamboo is also a little cheaper and much more eco friendly than steel, making it a perfect building material. It’s... Read More