June 2013

Eucalyptus Deglupta 28/06/2013

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Let’s take a little break from the flooring business for a moment to appreciate the astounding beauty of mother nature. You may think of Eucalyptus as little more than Koala Bear food… But there’s more to it than that. While we can’t make Eucalyptus floors, there’s another bear out there who’s choice of wood makes an excellent floor – though it’s a different kind of Bamboo, don’t worry! Where were we? Oh yeah. There’s a little more to Eucalyptus than just Koala bear food, though the bears might insist otherwise.... Read More

Squeaky Floorboards 20/06/2013

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor

There are few more infuriating things for a homeowner than installing an expensive, gorgeous hardwood floor only to discover over time that the floor boards have developed to squeak. The constant and irritating squeak every time that the boards are walked on is sure to drive anyone crazy – but thankfully, there are simple solutions. Firstly, you must understand what causes you floor to squeak. The main cause of squeaky floorboards is poor installation where the planks are not correctly secured to the subfloor and is therefor able to more.... Read More