June 2013

Eucalyptus Deglupta 28/06/2013

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Let’s take a little break from the flooring business for a moment to appreciate the astounding beauty of mother nature. You may think of Eucalyptus as little more than Koala Bear food… But there’s more to it than that. While we can’t make Eucalyptus floors, there’s another bear out there who’s choice of wood makes an excellent floor – though it’s a different kind of Bamboo, don’t worry! Where were we? Oh yeah. There’s a little more to Eucalyptus than just Koala bear food, though the bears might insist otherwise.... Read More

Squeaky Floorboards 20/06/2013
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How to Fix a Squeaky Floor

There are few more infuriating things for a homeowner than installing an expensive, gorgeous hardwood floor only to discover over time that the floor boards have developed to squeak. The constant and irritating squeak every time that the boards are walked on is sure to drive anyone crazy – but thankfully, there are simple solutions. Firstly, you must understand what causes you floor to squeak. The main cause of squeaky floorboards is poor installation where the planks are not correctly secured to the subfloor and is therefor able to more.... Read More

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Live-edge Flooring

Right now I am absolutely loving ‘live-edge’ hardwood flooring by Bolefloor. This style of flooring is gorgeously unique, original and true to nature. Live-edge flooring is beautifully organic and one-of-a-kind – your floor will not be duplicated anywhere else! ‘Live-edge’ is referring to the bark edges of the tree and since there is no straight edges to a tree; there are no straight edges to the floor. A live-edge flooring is lovingly crafted by hand and skillfully constructed to each clients specifications and requirements. Each plank of live-edge flooring is... Read More

Persian rUG 13/06/2013
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Persian Rug Sold For Record Breaking $33.8m!

In an earlier blog – Interesting Flooring Facts – I mentioned that the worlds most expensive flooring is the Pietra Fimra LuxTouch tile – inlaid with brilliant cut diamonds, mother of pearl and abalone which sells for a premium $1,000,000 per square meter. This title of worlds most expensive flooring was smashed last week when an early 17th century Persian rug sold for a record breaking $33.8m (£21.8m) – working out at approximately £3.5m per square meter! This rare and antique carpet was bequeathed to Corcoran Gallery of Art in 1926... Read More

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Unfinished Floors

The team here at Discount Flooring Depot are extremely excited to unveil our first ever unfinished engineered oak flooring. The Diamond Series 20/4mm x 190mm Oak AB Grade Unfinished is a gorgeous and flawless engineered wood floor. This product has been awarded an AB (first) grade – this is a prime grading ensuring the buyer that each pack is full of stunning, top quality planks. These planks are cut from the center of the log resulting in a clean board with very few or no knots, sapwood or filler. Another important... Read More

Bookcase Stairs 05/06/2013
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Staircase Storage

We all know that the staircase is a functional and important element to the home, essential for accessing different floors. Many of the staircases across Britain come equipped with a standard ‘Happy Potter Style‘ cupboard under the stairs. This space is rarely used to its full potential due to the unusual shape and is therefor overlooked for design and storage purposes. If you are short of space in your home you can utilise your staircase for hidden storage where each step is a functioning drawer or paneling could be used... Read More