July 2013

Using a mat can help protect the new look of you flooring 31/07/2013

Using Mats and Other Novel Methods to Protect your New Flooring

We all know that protecting your investments is important and many of us will take out insurance policies to cover the eventual mishaps life throws our way. When purchasing your new floor you need to start considering how you can protect it from the grind of daily life and we’ve complied several cheap (some completely free and novel) yet effective methods of keeping you gorgeous new laminate, solid wooden floor or engineered boards looking newer for longer. 1. Flooring Mats – Many overlook the simplest and cheapest method which will... Read More

Retro Kitchen Vinyl 29/07/2013
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Hardwood Flooring for Kitchens – Yay Or Nay?

Go hardwood or go home, as the ever popular mantra goes. Or something like that, anyway. While hardwood flooring tends to be the prime choice for any room due to it’s elegance, beauty, and everyone wanting to have a home reminiscent of Buckingham palace, it isn’t always so easy to find the right floor for the right room. Our customers often ask us about hardwood flooring in their kitchens – is it a good idea? And frankly, the answer is yes and no. The kichen has evolved in modern times... Read More

With Acute Oak Decline the tree appears to be 'bleeding to death'. 17/07/2013

Deadly Oak Disease

Acute Oak Decline (AOD) is a disease which is on the rise throughout England and poses a serious threat to the oak tree population in Britain. This deadly disease causes a dark fluid to seep from the bark of the tree and ultimately causes the tree to “bleed to death” in as little as four years. Very little is known about this disease, its rate of spread or even which trees are at risk of infection. Scientists believe that the oak jewel beetle may be responsible for this deadly oak... Read More

white washed flooring 08/07/2013
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White Washed Flooring

The technique of white washing flooring has been around for a long time, but it has only become a popular style and design trend in recent years. It’s perfect for the ultra modern look which is perfect in the trendy apartments of young couples and city professionals. Equally, the right white washed floor can also provide a touch of rustic class to a room. Paired with blues and greens, it’s perfect for a seaside, nautical feeling vibe in your home without having to get sand in your unmentionables. How Is... Read More