Brighten up your home with a brand new floor this Christmas

If your kitchen floor is looking old and tired, your lounge carpet has seen better days, or you’re dreading guests arriving this festive season in case they catch sight of your chipped laminate in the conservatory, don’t panic; luckily there’s still just enough time to plan, purchase and lay a brand new floor in any room in your home – so you can welcome your guests with pride. While you might be more concerned with trimming the tree and preparing the pudding in the weeks before Christmas, this is actually... Read More

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Are You Looking for a Better Bathroom?

As Catherine Zeta Jones put it, “For marriage to be a success, every woman and every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end.” This is great advice for all who have a 7 figure bank balance, but how can YOU turn your lacklustre lavatory into a porcelain Eden? Is it time for a restyle? For the minimalists it’s all about the contrast styling – Black VS White gives a clean, concise and pristine look. give a great example of this : This kind of style is... Read More

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Why you are better off buying Flooring Online

Like many things in life, purchasing flooring has become a lot more customer friendly thanks to the internet. You may have a favorite high street retailer from previous solid wood or laminate flooring purchases but, nowadays, online retailers   offer you a much wider world of choices and benefits, making buying your new flooring online a much better deal. If you are looking to change your floors, here’s why you will be much better off buying flooring online: Starting with the obvious point, buying online will guarantee you a much better... Read More

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Time for a Revamp?

It’s Summer once again and we all have the same thing in mind – what to do while the weather is good! Unfortunately, living in the UK means that sunlight is not necessarily a given on any day, so on the days we can’t sunbathe, why not get the house done up? These days everyone is trying to save money, so how can you save on your home improvements? Discount Flooring Depot is here to offer some helpful tips! It doesn’t need to cost the earth to have a big... Read More

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Vivacious Vinyls!

When it comes to choosing your new floor, there are LOTS of options; here at Discount Flooring Depot we like to give our customers the best choice we can. SO We’re happy to introduce our new line of gorgeous Vinyls! As with laminate, vinyl flooring requires less maintenance and acclimatisation that solid or engineered wood. Just so you don’t feel narrowed down too much, we now stock both wood and stone effects. The two below are our favourites from both ranges. Most people like stone effect flooring in their kitchens,... Read More

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Quirky Scheming for your Home

Not everyone is cut from the same cloth: whether extrovert, introvert or just a bit mad, we all have our own little touches of style, and we like to show it through our interior design tastes! We have some great examples of people who have decided to do their “thang” when it comes to their homes, and it’s true evidence of the perfection of diversity! Our first example is from Architect Genius Sergey Makhno who has put together a loft in a wonderfully unique way, incorporating furnishing and colour to... Read More

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The Floor for You? Pub/Club Edition!

We all like to let our hair down at the weekend, so it’s fun to look at what you may be dancing on! With enormously high footfall, you need a floor that can take the abuse and still come out sparkling. Here at DFD we sell Solid Wood, Engineered Wood and Laminate Flooring, however we would only recommend a Laminate for this purpose. We have two recommendations to suit your company needs – one for those who like the lighter; the other for those who like the darker detailing! Here’s... Read More

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A-List Accomodation

Celebrities splashing out is not a new story, but when they pour millions into their homes, it’s definitely something to see. Combined with the beautiful American climate, our TV regulars make a real competition of square meterage and ultimate oppulence. As a Queen of Pop, we would expect much different from Cher when it comes to living quarters : In true Diva styling, this 6 bedroom mansion is stunningly beautiful, with an infinity pool outside and a massive media centre inside for the days when the sun gets too much!... Read More

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DIY Time?

Have you been putting off a big job? Looking at that room that really needs a revamp but closing the door and walking on? TIME FOR A CHANGE! With so many DIY choices today, you can have your house looking fresh and fancy in next to no time! Any of our Laminates are easily installed, so if you’re brave, have a go, we even have an easy to use installation guide! Other useful and inventive little solutions could be the difference between a nice finish and a superb one. Need... Read More

White Laminate Flooring 12/03/2014
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Smashing Spring Styling: 2014 Edition

Deciding to revamp your home for the new season? Trying to burst out of Winter with a new style? Here are some tips following the trends of 2014! This season it’s all about contrast accentuation, or in every day terms, using WHITE as a base colour for your space to emphasise other colours and features. This is also great as a white base will set an open tone to your rooms, and wont clash with any other colours. The contrast colouring of this room is spectacular; the room is totally... Read More