March 2014

White Laminate Flooring 12/03/2014
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Smashing Spring Styling: 2014 Edition

Deciding to revamp your home for the new season? Trying to burst out of Winter with a new style? Here are some tips following the trends of 2014! This season it’s all about contrast accentuation, or in every day terms, using WHITE as a base colour for your space to emphasise other colours and features. This is also great as a white base will set an open tone to your rooms, and wont clash with any other colours. The contrast colouring of this room is spectacular; the room is totally... Read More

White Oak Hardwood Flooring 07/03/2014
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Super Special Solid Wood Species!

When it comes to a solid or engineered wood floor, we have lots of choices for you. One of the big deciding factor is the species of wood, so this blog should dispel any confusion for you! I’m going to focus on our 5 Main Species – OAK This species is the most common type of wood used for flooring as it is more easily grown and milled than others. Originally used commercially for wagon wheels, tools and shops, Oak is one of the more dense and heavy species, which... Read More

Engineered 18/4 x 120mm Oak UV Lacquered 07/03/2014
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Wooden Floor Finishes – Which One is Right For You?

When it comes to a Solid or Engineered Wood floor, it’s not just the look of it that is important; it’s imperative you get the finish that will suit your home and lifestyle. Brushed A “Brushed” finish is a treatment where the boards have a wire comb dragged over them, which brings out the natural grained texture of the floor. To the touch, brushed boards feel more natural. Whether or not a floor is brushed wont massively be affected by your lifestyle, it’s the final treatment that means a lot.... Read More

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Lighting For Your Home – Are You Lacking Light or Solar Savvy?

When choosing the perfect floor for your room, there are a great deal of other factors to take into account. One of the most important aspects that can effect the way your room looks – but is easy to overlook – is the lighting. We always recommend that for a darker floor, you’ll ideally be installing it in a larger room with plenty of natural light or artificial fixtures. For a lighter floor, they’re better suited to smaller spaces where they can help elevate the colour of a room and... Read More