April 2014

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A-List Accomodation

Celebrities splashing out is not a new story, but when they pour millions into their homes, it’s definitely something to see. Combined with the beautiful American climate, our TV regulars make a real competition of square meterage and ultimate oppulence. As a Queen of Pop, we would expect much different from Cher when it comes to living quarters : In true Diva styling, this 6 bedroom mansion is stunningly beautiful, with an infinity pool outside and a massive media centre inside for the days when the sun gets too much!... Read More

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DIY Time?

Have you been putting off a big job? Looking at that room that really needs a revamp but closing the door and walking on? TIME FOR A CHANGE! With so many DIY choices today, you can have your house looking fresh and fancy in next to no time! Any of our Laminates are easily installed, so if you’re brave, have a go, we even have an easy to use installation guide! Other useful and inventive little solutions could be the difference between a nice finish and a superb one. Need... Read More