May 2014

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Quirky Scheming for your Home

Not everyone is cut from the same cloth: whether extrovert, introvert or just a bit mad, we all have our own little touches of style, and we like to show it through our interior design tastes! We have some great examples of people who have decided to do their “thang” when it comes to their homes, and it’s true evidence of the perfection of diversity! Our first example is from Architect Genius Sergey Makhno who has put together a loft in a wonderfully unique way, incorporating furnishing and colour to... Read More

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The Floor for You? Pub/Club Edition!

We all like to let our hair down at the weekend, so it’s fun to look at what you may be dancing on! With enormously high footfall, you need a floor that can take the abuse and still come out sparkling. Here at DFD we sell Solid Wood, Engineered Wood and Laminate Flooring, however we would only recommend a Laminate for this purpose. We have two recommendations to suit your company needs – one for those who like the lighter; the other for those who like the darker detailing! Here’s... Read More