October 2014

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Are You Looking for a Better Bathroom?

As Catherine Zeta Jones put it, “For marriage to be a success, every woman and every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end.” This is great advice for all who have a 7 figure bank balance, but how can YOU turn your lacklustre lavatory into a porcelain Eden? Is it time for a restyle? For the minimalists it’s all about the contrast styling – Black VS White gives a clean, concise and pristine look. This kind of style is great for many reasons, number one being that... Read More

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Why you are better off buying Flooring Online

Like many things in life, purchasing flooring has become a lot more customer friendly thanks to the internet. You may have a favorite high street retailer from previous solid wood or laminate flooring purchases but, nowadays, online retailers   offer you a much wider world of choices and benefits, making buying your new flooring online a much better deal. If you are looking to change your floors, here’s why you will be much better off buying flooring online: Starting with the obvious point, buying online will guarantee you a much better... Read More