Best Flooring For Master Bedroom via Discount Flooring Depot 07/12/2015

Best Flooring For The Master Bedroom

When choosing your master bedroom flooring, it is important you consider the desired attributes – such as comfort, aesthetics, maintenance and durability – to ensure you select a beautiful, comfortable yet practical flooring option. Bedroom flooring is a particularly intimate surface. It is the first thing your feet will step down on in the morning, and the last thing they will lift off before climbing into bed each night. So what flooring is best for the master bedroom?   Hardwood   Hardwood adds both beauty and value to any bedroom. This durable choice of flooring... Read More

Dog on solid wood flooring 03/12/2015

Which Flooring Is Best For Your Dog?

Flooring, like dogs, comes in many shapes and sizes, widths and materials, degrees of durability and ease of care. But when it comes to choosing a floor that suits a beloved pet such as a dog, it’s best to be in the know. Here is what dog owners need to know when buying a new floor.     Solid wood   Can I have solid wood flooring if I have a dog? The simple answer here is, no. Solid wood flooring stains very easily, to the point that if a dog... Read More

Image of a mop cleaning a wood floor 01/12/2015

How To Rejuvenate And Maintain A Wood Floor

A wood floor can really make a statement in a home. Whether it’s a in a living room, dining room, bedroom or even the kitchen, a wood floor is a proud possession to be treated with care and attention. But the inevitable will – inevitably – happen. Your wood floor will lose its sparkling natural glow that filled you with so much pride when it was first laid down, and you will have to think of replacing it or of ways to rejuvenate it. Don’t panic! We’re here to help. Read our advice... Read More

Image of an adult hoovering around a baby 27/11/2015

How to Choose The Best Flooring For Your Child’s Room

All parents have been here before – what is the best flooring to lay in a kids room? Whether it’s a play room or a bedroom, whichever type of flooring you choose, and however much time you dedicate to keeping it looking great, it will be quickly covered in toys and, inevitably, be a scene of juice spillages and painting disasters. The main thing to keep in mind is that children fall over – a lot – so getting the right floor really does matter: What are your choices? Lets look through your options:   Laminate... Read More

Bathroom with Tile 25/11/2015

Best Flooring For Bathrooms

We’ve had a look at what flooring is best for kitchens and dining rooms already, but bathrooms can be a little more confusing. For bathrooms you need to keep the same considerations in mind as you do elsewhere in your home e.g. durability, attractiveness and comfort. The key difference to keep in mind when choosing bathroom flooring is moisture. It’ll come as no surprise to hear that water is prevalent in bathrooms – the wrong choice of floor can therefore be an expensive mistake to make.     Tile is traditionally used... Read More

Solid wood flooring boards and tools 08/10/2015

How to Fit Solid Wood Flooring

So you’ve agonised about which type of flooring you need, had arguments about whether it needs to be lacquered or brushed & oiled (that old chestnut, huh?) and waited patiently for it to be delivered, like a child waiting for a favourite family member to arrive at Christmas. But now what? Well you’ve got to lay the thing. You might think it makes a lovely hallway decoration or an elaborate and somewhat unwieldy paperweight, but trust us, it looks even better when laid.     Here is your guide on... Read More

Visual history of flooring across the world 01/09/2015

A Visual History of Flooring Across The World

Believe it or not, laminate flooring hasn’t always been around. It’s hard to imagine, we know. Cavemen weren’t worrying about whether to opt for a click lock system or tongue and groove, and the Romans didn’t have to consider that they needed to leave their solid wood floor to acclimatise before laying it. Obviously life was much less interesting without wooden flooring around, so we’ve compiled a delicious visual history of flooring to see how far we’ve come and revel in how lucky we are nowadays. We take a look... Read More

Tools for Laying Laminate 01/09/2015

How To Fit Laminate Flooring

So you’ve chosen laminate flooring? What a great choice! It is an incredibly versatile material that easily allows you to reflect your tastes and fits your budget. But, before you lay your laminate flooring, it’s important that you make all the preparations so that you can lay your floor with ease. We’re here to help! Follow our advice on how to prepare and install your laminate flooring.     How should you prepare for laminate flooring?  Step 1: To lay your laminate flooring, before you start, you need to have... Read More

Person fitting wooden floor 13/08/2015

Solid Wood Flooring: A Beginner’s Guide

For the complete wooden floor experience, then solid wood flooring (also known as hardwood flooring or real wood flooring) is difficult to beat. As the name suggests, it’s machined from solid pieces of wood, usually 18-20mm thick and looks absolutely fantastic. Solid floors are generally made using hardwoods, such as oak, as softwoods like pine dent too easily. If you’re unsure about whether solid wood flooring is right for you, here is rundown of most of the important things you need to know…   Types of solid wood flooring Here at... Read More

swollen flooring floors are creaking 23/07/2015
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Your Floors Are Creaking, What Do You Do?

  Your squeaky floors might help you catch your kids sneaking out after dark or your partner creeping downstairs for a midnight snack, but otherwise, they’re a bit of a pain. Folks might try and tell you that it’s your house just “settling” but this is no comfort when you’re woken in the middle of the night and are absolutely certain there’s a monster in the hallway doing a jig on the squeaky step. Typically, a squeaky floor is caused by your flooring wood trying out and shrinking. As you... Read More