May 2015

cheap flooring, catalan oak flooring yoga 28/05/2015
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Cheap Flooring! Star Buys, Trade Prices While Stocks Last

We’ve a range of fantastic cheap flooring options going this week on our website. We’re offering bulk prices, without having to buy bulk amounts! Our free delivery is ending on the 31st of May, so order before midnight on Sunday to make the most of these two fantastic deals. Free delivery and massive discounts on a range of top quality flooring, what could be better? Have a look at some of the fantastic ranges of cheap flooring we have on offer across our website.   Gold Series Engineered Oak Flooring... Read More

engineered oak flooring 26/05/2015
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Engineered Oak Flooring – Why It’s Perfect For You

Engineered oak flooring might just be the answer to a range of your flooring related woes. While laminate flooring can be water resistant, tough, hard wearing, and perfect for homes with kids and pets, it just can’t live up to the quality and the feel of real wood. Laminates may be cheaper and handier, but for that true touch of class and authenticity, real wood is the real deal. The problem is, real wood can cost an absolute fortune, and it’s tempermental too. Real wood can’t be used with underfloor... Read More

DIY dinosaur planter 25/05/2015
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DIY – Our 5 Favorite Projects This Week

1 – Update That Blank Space With a Trio of Stocked Bookcases   Credit for this great idea goes to Ghost Parties. You might have a blank wall in your living room, bedroom, spare room, kitchen, den, pantry, swimming pool, gym, sun room, laboratory, office, dungeon… wherever! Sometimes there can be a wall that just doesn’t seem to gel with the rest of the room, or basically just doesn’t seem to serve a purpose. Why not double up turning it into extra storage space while filling the room just a... Read More

free delivery van 22/05/2015
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Free Delivery Ends 31st May. £30 Delivery Charge Starts 1st June!

It’s your last chance to get free delivery on orders over £199, as we’ll be ending this offer on the 31st May! From 1st of June, our delivery cost will be £30. So if you want to make the most of this our free delivery options, you’ve got just over a week left to make your orders!   Don’t worry, we’ll still have our usual range of fantastic offers on our website. In fact, right now we’ve got a bank holiday weekend sale with up to 5% off with the... Read More

Carpet Cleaning Flintstone 20/05/2015
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Carpet Cleaning – 5 Reasons To Get the Pros On Board

The right carpet will serve you well for many years. Though it’s recommended that you change your carpet every 10 years or so if you want to get that sort of mileage out of your comfy flooring, you’ll have to treat them right. Carpet cleaning might sound like the last thing in the world you want to spend your money on – especially when a good bottle of wine is so cheap – but when that same wine ends up on the floor when your dog/cat/kids/spouse (because it’s never your... Read More

Classic Carpet Living Room 18/05/2015
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7 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Amazing Carpet

Wall to wall carpeting has fallen out of favour with the discerning domestic decorator, it seems. The majority of new houses and redecorated homes seem to be opting for real wood floors or laminate flooring, but why? Maybe it’s something to do with the classic idea of thick, shaggy, garishly coloured nineties carpets going from wall to wall, laden with wine stains that will never lift, and cigarette burns that will remain eternally. It’s hard to shake the notion of carpet being a little lame, especially when wood flooring seems... Read More

VAT as standard 15/05/2015
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All Our Prices Now Include VAT As Standard

All our prices now include VAT as standard. Just a heads up to all our lovely customers. Unlike many of our competitors who keep their inclusive of VAT prices hidden until the checkout process, preventing you from seeing the true cost of your order, we are honest and upfront about our prices. If you’ve noticed that our prices have increased, it’s simply because they are now inclusive of VAT. Our prices haven’t changed otherwise. Our prices are still some of the lowest on the market, and our Price Promise Guarantee... Read More

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Laying Artificial Grass – Top Tips

Artificial grass is great. It can give you that perfect, rolling green lawn all year around, with having to worry about the usual mud, mess and fuss of a real grass garden. No creepy crawlies, no mowing, no watering, no weeding, artificial grass takes care of it all. But like a good garden or any good floor, you’ve got to know what you’re doing to get the best results. While installing artificial grass is relatively easy and shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with even the most basic DIY skills... Read More

Artificial Grass Poolside 12/05/2015
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7 Gorgeous Gardens You Won’t Believe Have Artificial Grass

You won’t believe this grass isn’t the real deal. While you might be tempted to turn your nose up at ‘fake’ lawns, there’s plenty of reasons as to why artificial grass can save you time, money, and elbow grease, making your summer dream garden a reality with a fraction of the work. Artificial grass has come along leaps and bounds in the last decade or so, making the move into turf that is at times, barely distinguisable from the real thing. If you’re still on the (garden) fence about getting... Read More

Duck blue vinyl flooring 07/05/2015
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7 Amazing Bathrooms You Won’t Believe Have Vinyl Flooring

We’re all about Vinyl Flooring this week, with 10% off until the 10th May across all vinyls. It’s easy to look down on vinyl, as it’s often considered the ugly ducking of the flooring world. That’s not the case anymore, and these 7 gorgeous bathrooms are here to change your mind. You won’t believe aren’t the real deal. (All photos courtesy of Houzz) 1 – LaFrance Residence Bathroom   Modern Bathroom by Atlanta Main Contractors Cablik Enterprises   2 – Traditional Styled Small City Apartment     Victorian Bathroom by... Read More