September 2015

Visual history of flooring across the world 01/09/2015

A Visual History of Flooring Across The World

Believe it or not, laminate flooring hasn’t always been around. It’s hard to imagine, we know. Cavemen weren’t worrying about whether to opt for a click lock system or tongue and groove, and the Romans didn’t have to consider that they needed to leave their solid wood floor to acclimatise before laying it. Obviously life was much less interesting without wooden flooring around, so we’ve compiled a delicious visual history of flooring to see how far we’ve come and revel in how lucky we are nowadays. We take a look... Read More

Tools for Laying Laminate 01/09/2015

How To Fit Laminate Flooring

So you’ve chosen laminate flooring? What a great choice! It is an incredibly versatile material that easily allows you to reflect your tastes and fits your budget. But, before you lay your laminate flooring, it’s important that you make all the preparations so that you can lay your floor with ease. We’re here to help! Follow our advice on how to prepare and install your laminate flooring.     How should you prepare for laminate flooring?  Step 1: To lay your laminate flooring, before you start, you need to have... Read More