November 2015

Black Friday Stampede 27/11/2015

Black Friday – 5% Off With Code!

Black Friday is here, and why struggle with the crowds in the stores when you can bag a bargain online? Avoid getting trampled at Tesco or crushed at Currys and instead, do your shopping the smart way. With our exclusive offer code black5, get 5% off all products* across our website, bag your dream floor for the holidays without breaking the bank! That’s black5, simply enter it at checkout to get an amazing deal. Click here to browse our full range of products.     Where Did Black Friday Come... Read More

Image of an adult hoovering around a baby 27/11/2015

How to Choose The Best Flooring For Your Child’s Room

All parents have been here before – what is the best flooring to lay in a kids room? Whether it’s a play room or a bedroom, whichever type of flooring you choose, and however much time you dedicate to keeping it looking great, it will be quickly covered in toys and, inevitably, be a scene of juice spillages and painting disasters. The main thing to keep in mind is that children fall over – a lot – so getting the right floor really does matter: What are your choices? Lets look through your options:   Laminate... Read More

Bathroom with Tile 25/11/2015

Best Flooring For Bathrooms

We’ve had a look at what flooring is best for kitchens and dining rooms already, but bathrooms can be a little more confusing. For bathrooms you need to keep the same considerations in mind as you do elsewhere in your home e.g. durability, attractiveness and comfort. The key difference to keep in mind when choosing bathroom flooring is moisture. It’ll come as no surprise to hear that water is prevalent in bathrooms – the wrong choice of floor can therefore be an expensive mistake to make.     Tile is traditionally used... Read More

Dining Room Decor 20/11/2015

Best Flooring For Dining Rooms

The dining room is the grandest and, potentially, most used room of the home, as such it is important when deciding on which flooring to use to choose a material that is not only practical, but beautiful too. You can use pretty much any flooring in a dining room – there is nothing that won’t go, so the key factor to consider is what look and feel you are trying to create. The best flooring for you may depend on how often you use your dining room.  Ask yourself if it’s an informal... Read More

Laminate Flooring in Dining Room 18/11/2015

Best Flooring For Kitchens

Your kitchen is, quite possibly, the most important room in your house. Without the optimum floor you won’t have the support you need when cooking your favourite meals, you wont have anything manageable for your children to spill at will, and you wont have a trendy catwalk to reach the fridge and enjoy the deliciousness within. When choosing the perfect floor for your kitchen, you must keep in mind the traffic it’ll see over the years – the myriad of feet, socks, slippers and shoes. The inevitability of spilled drinks, splashes of grease, dropped food... Read More

Image showing types of vinyl 11/11/2015

A Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl

At Discount Flooring Depot we do love our flooring, whether it’s staring at beautiful hardwood flooring all day or doing something more practical with our time – pretty much everything we do involves floors. And vinyl is a fantastic option for those looking for affordable and elegant flooring for their home.   What is vinyl flooring?   Vinyl flooring is a surprisingly resilient synthetic flooring that has flooded the market in recent decades with easy-to-lay waterproof sheets. Sheet vinyl is quicker to lay than tiles and can be laid in one seamless... Read More

Autumn Laminate Flooring 09/11/2015
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5 Autumn Floors You’ll Fall In Love With

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling, the nights are getting shorter and shorter, and suddenly, everything is pumpkin flavoured. What’s going on? On top of that, most shops seem to have immediately swapped their Halloween decorations for Christmas tat, and no matter where you go, Christmas music is slowly working it’s way into play lists. But Autumn isn’t over yet, and we’ve got a range of Autumnal themed floors that you’ll just fall in love with. Get it?   1 – Newtown Crowne Walnut 8mm Laminate This is a... Read More


Everything You Need To Know About Solid Oak Flooring

A favourite amongst homeowners, solid oak flooring is fantastic choice for your home. Solid wood is generally thicker than engineered flooring and laminate, it is highly durable and easy to maintain. So if you’re looking for something that will last, solid oak flooring provide you with exactly that.   What is Solid Oak Flooring?   Solid oak flooring is machined from single, solid pieces of oak which are usually 18-20mm thick and nailed to permanent floor. Considered to be the standard bearer of wooden flooring, solid oak is one of... Read More