December 2015

Christmas presents 21/12/2015
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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Christmas

Panic! It’s only a matter of days until Santa slides down the chimney, and you still haven’t got all your gift giving boxes ticked. Even the most avid of gift buyers and the most full on festive fan will find themselves with a gap in their gift collection. Maybe you covered all the distant relatives and friends but forgot to get something pinned down for your significant other, or maybe a friend who isn’t usually generous decided to (un)pleasantly surprise you this year, and now you feel like you owe... Read More


Which Floors Are Best For The Environment?

With many more people now making more of an effort to be eco-friendly, you may be wondering what is the best flooring for the environment in your home. We’ve put together a list of the four best floors to ensure those who are environmentally conscious can be in with their flooring choices too.   Cork     Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree which is commonly found in the forests of the Mediterranean. The trees are not cut down to harvest the bark and it will... Read More

Christmas Santa 14/12/2015

Our 7 Top Christmas Films

Christmas is almost upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about the best flicks to watch to get you into the Christmas spirit. Here at Discount Flooring Depot, we all have our own opinion on what the best festive film is, and we’ve managed to boil it down into our 7 top picks. Just like we did on Halloween. This list is in no particular order and is by no means exhaustive, so if you feel like we’ve made a criminal mistake on this list and should be sent... Read More

Carpet vs Hardwood - who wins? 09/12/2015

Hardwood Floors Vs Carpet

Arguably the two most popular choices of flooring are hardwood and carpet, both of which have a variety of characteristics that make them favourites in many people’s homes. But which one is better? We take a look at the characteristics of both. We’ll let you decide which you think is best…   Cleanliness Carpet attracts dust which gets caught in the fibres, meaning they require regular hoovering to keep clean. It is impossible to fully clean a carpet from hoovering, as the fibres of a carpet are susceptible to staining from spills and... Read More

Best Flooring For Master Bedroom via Discount Flooring Depot 07/12/2015

Best Flooring For The Master Bedroom

When choosing your master bedroom flooring, it is important you consider the desired attributes – such as comfort, aesthetics, maintenance and durability – to ensure you select a beautiful, comfortable yet practical flooring option. Bedroom flooring is a particularly intimate surface. It is the first thing your feet will step down on in the morning, and the last thing they will lift off before climbing into bed each night. So what flooring is best for the master bedroom?   Hardwood   Hardwood adds both beauty and value to any bedroom. This durable choice of flooring... Read More

Santa 04/12/2015

10 Terrible Christmas Jokes

Be warned. When we say terrible, we mean it. These jokes are truly terrible, in fact, we can’t think of anything as bad as these right now, except maybe having to listen to them be read with great pride by your unfunny uncle, dad, or whatever other man in your life has made it his mission to make you cringe at any chance. For added effect, imagine you’re wearing a flimsy little party hat, you’ve got your elbows in congealed gravy from your empty dinner plate, and you’re wondering if... Read More

Dog on solid wood flooring 03/12/2015

Which Flooring Is Best For Your Dog?

Flooring, like dogs, comes in many shapes and sizes, widths and materials, degrees of durability and ease of care. But when it comes to choosing a floor that suits a beloved pet such as a dog, it’s best to be in the know. Here is what dog owners need to know when buying a new floor.     Solid wood   Can I have solid wood flooring if I have a dog? The simple answer here is, no. Solid wood flooring stains very easily, to the point that if a dog... Read More

Image of a mop cleaning a wood floor 01/12/2015

How To Rejuvenate And Maintain A Wood Floor

A wood floor can really make a statement in a home. Whether it’s a in a living room, dining room, bedroom or even the kitchen, a wood floor is a proud possession to be treated with care and attention. But the inevitable will – inevitably – happen. Your wood floor will lose its sparkling natural glow that filled you with so much pride when it was first laid down, and you will have to think of replacing it or of ways to rejuvenate it. Don’t panic! We’re here to help. Read our advice... Read More