January 2016

Empty Loft 29/01/2016

Best Flooring for a Loft Conversion

If you are thinking of adding an extra room to your home by converting your loft, then a vital aspect you need to consider is your flooring.  Even if your loft or attic is already boarded out, it is likely you will need to reinforce the floor with stronger joists. This means the whole floor has to come up, which offers you the perfect opportunity to think about the final look you are keen to achieve with your floor.   Preparation  First, you need to assess the space you have. How is the space going... Read More

Image of a tape measure and house plan with measurements 25/01/2016

How To Measure An Unusually Shaped Floor Deal With Carpet Offcuts

Installing a carpet is an exciting time. You’ve chosen your perfect carpet from hundreds of colours, dozens of types and you are ready to significantly increase the comfort level of your chosen room. But there are a couple questions that are now being raised.   How do I measure my floor? The simple answer, even if the room is uneven, is to measure the widest width and widest length in metres and multiply the two numbers. The result is the area in square metres. Say your floor is 3 metres... Read More

How to ruin a wood floor 20/01/2016

How to Ruin your Wood Floor [Infographic]

A wood floor can add warmth and character to your home, and if you look after them properly they can make your home look beautiful for many years. However, a few mistakes can shorten the life of your floors. Every floor has experienced damage, damp or caused despair. Avoid the most common causes of destroying wooden floors by following our infographic.  Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments.

Girl Hoovering Floor 20/01/2016

Maintenance Tips For Every Type Of Floor

The most important thing to know, once you’ve found the right flooring and gone through the effort of fitting it, is how to maintain and look after your floor. Your new floor will be walked on daily and will inevitably undergo spillage, damp, knocks, high-healed shoes and dirt. Below we take a look at maintenance for every type of flooring we provide. Enjoy.   Laminate & Vinyl Use a mop with a laminate flooring manufacturer’s cleaning solution. Spray the solution onto a dry flat mop with a microfibre cloth and... Read More

Image of a rustic room with lots of wood 14/01/2016

How To Match Wood Furniture To Your Wood Floor

You’ve fitted your brand new flooring and you can finally enjoy its warmth and beauty, and decorate from the ground up. But how do you approach matching wood furniture to your wood floor? You could just go out, find some trees and make a bunch of shelving units and tables, but who’s to say they’ll look good when in place… Below are some design secrets that’ll help you create a living space to be truly proud of.   Related: How To Rejuvenate And Maintain A Wood Floor   Understand undertone Colour... Read More

Image of engineered wood 08/01/2016

Why Keeping Your Floor Clean Is Good For Your Health

Carpets have long been the staple of British flooring. There is nothing quite like walking on a warm, soft carpet to lift the spirits on a miserably cold, typically British, winter’s day. However, with the comfort comes a hefty duty of maintenance that your carpeted flooring will desperately require. Dirt will cling desperately to the fibres of your carpet and dust will snugly settle into the hardest areas to clean, both of which can lead to health issues. If you are susceptible to health issues and illnesses then an alternative to... Read More