February 2016

Image of Spray carpet cleaning 17/02/2016

Carpet Care: 7 Do It Yourself Tips

Carpet care doesn’t have to be a professionals-only adventure. When you want to save some money and avoid bringing in the pros, these tips will help you save your carpet from ruin and extend its life.   Vacuum Correctly Avoid the costly replacement of a knackered carpet by cleaning it regularly. Vacuum areas of high traffic twice a week and go over the rest once a week. Empty the filter before you start, that way you get more suction power. Read More: A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Carpet    ... Read More

Wood Floor that needs replacing 12/02/2016

Should I Repair or Replace My Wood Floor?

  Hardwood floors can take a lot of abuse over the years without the need for repair. From the amount of footfall to spillages and sunlight, over time they can become stained, warped, chipped and dull. It can be difficult to know whether floors need replacing or can be fixed. This guide will hopefully give you a better understanding of what you should do in a number of situations. When your floor appears worn, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. There is a chance it just needs refinishing to restore its original... Read More

Wooden Floor to Match Colour Scheme 09/02/2016

How To Match Your Colour Scheme To Your Wood Floor

  Your wood floor is no doubt one of the most striking aspects of any room in your home, which is why most home owners use it as their focus point when deciding on a complementing colour scheme for their rooms. There are many species of wood you can choose from, each of which include a variety of undertones ranging from yellow to red or even ash grey. We will look at some of the most popular undertones available and how to match your colour scheme to the type wood you have chosen. Finding the right paint... Read More