September 2016

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3 ways to style your room with an oak wooden floor

Oak flooring is a very popular wooden floor choice, no small part in thanks to its versatility. Many people think that because they have an oak wooden floor that their décor colours and choices will be limited, but that’s simply not the case. Oak flooring can be paired with other wood shades, contemporary and traditional décor schemes and lots of different wall colourings and patterns without looking out of place. Here are 3 ways you can style your room with an oak wooden floor, no matter what your personal décor... Read More

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How to make your staircase stand out

Your hallway is often the first impression of your home to guests, so it makes sense that you’d want it to stand out and reflect the rest of your home décor in the best possible way. Here’s a few tips on how to make your staircase stand out and some great examples we’ve seen along the way that you can use for inspiration. Stair material In terms of the material to cover your stairs with, carpet or wood are certainly the most popular options. When it comes to stairs, safety... Read More


Transforming your bedroom on a budget

Transforming your bedroom on a budget You spend a lot of time in your bedroom and yet it’s often a room neglected when it comes to decorating, in favour of rooms that are more likely to be used for entertaining like the living room or kitchen. For many people, they don’t think the cost or expense of redecorating a bedroom is worth it and would rather spend the money on decorating a room other people see, but it’s not hard to start transforming your bedroom on a budget. Read our... Read More

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Home office revamp – what to include

Home office revamp – what to include If you’re trying to be more productive at home, you’ll need a practical home office to do your work in. If you’re wondering what to include in a home office design, fear not – we’ve got the perfect list of what to include in your home office revamp. Practical flooring Your office flooring needs to be practical and durable, especially if you plan to have your ergonomic computer chair rolling over the top of it all day. You’ll need something scratch proof and... Read More