December 2016


How to make your home look like a million dollars

We all have a picture in our head of what our dream home would look like, but sadly few of us can afford it. There are however ways to make your home look and feel more expensive with a few simple interior design tricks that we thought you might appreciate, that will hopefully bring you closer to ‘dream home’ territory. Here’s the best advice we have to offer on how to make your home look like a million dollars. Floor to ceiling detail Appraise each of your rooms from top... Read More

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What is a suspended timber floor?

We’ve been asked a few times by our customers, ‘What is a suspended timber floor?’ and how it will this impact on their final flooring choices. We thought we’d take some time to clear this question up and discuss how it’s likely to affect you if you have one. Q: What is a suspended timber floor? Floor structures are generally one of two types – solid or suspended. Suspended timber floors, which are typically found in older houses, are normally made from timber floorboards which are then attached to joists... Read More

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Decorating your spare room for guests this Christmas

Christmas is on the way, and if you’re planning to invite family or friends to stay with you during the festive period you’d better think about where they plan to sleep. This could be the perfect opportunity to redecorate the guest room, or finally clear all the junk out of that spare room you never use and turn it into a gorgeous extra bedroom. When it comes to decorating your spare room for guests this Christmas, here are some things we think you should consider to make it a beautiful... Read More

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How to keep your floor looking like new

Investing in a new wooden floor for your home or office is a great idea – wooden floors are stylish, versatile, easy to clean and have great durability. But how can you keep your floor looking like new for longer? We’ve asked our expert team what their best tips are for keeping your floor in pristine condition for longer, allowing you to make the most of your investment and get maximum use and enjoyment from your new floor. Cleaning When it comes to cleaning your floors, here’s what you need... Read More