How to make an immediate impression with a great hall

We might all dream of having a dramatic and glamorous entrance hall to receive guests, but the reality of it is we have small spaces that we try our hardest to make the most of. That doesn’t mean however that they can’t look fantastic and wow your guests as soon as they walk in, you just need a few pointers on how to this. Here’s a few tips and design tricks to make an immediate impression with a great hall, foyer or corridor – whatever you have!

Light it up

Creating an inviting and welcoming entrance to your home is hard to achieve if it’s a dark and dreary space, so pay attention to colours, lighting and mirrors here. If you have natural light to make the most of, great – but if you don’t, stick to light colours here to open the space up. It’s always good to hang a mirror near the door to reflect the light (and give your appearance one last once-over before opening the front door!) and having a range of lighting is always the best option. An overhead light will take care of practical lighting needs, and some skirting board lighting or soft hallway lamps will be less harsh and more welcoming.


Pick your furniture wisely

In a small space like the hall, you need to make sure that every piece of furniture here is a considered piece, otherwise it just gets messy and cramped too quickly. For creating an immediate impression in your hallway, we would recommend spending some time to find unique, one off pieces that spark interest and conversation straight away. Reclaimed dressers, old industrial units and retro seating all look great in the hallway and you can put your own twist on them with accessories and cushions. For example, we love this hallway dresser made from old lockers – such a unique idea.

Think flooring first

It’s not all about what colour you paint the walls – most people don’t realise the immediate impact a floor has on creating a stunning space. For immediate wow-factor in the hall, we absolutely love this stunning white parquet flooring, which would look stunning in a hallway. Get a quote on-line now using our handy form to find out just how affordable it could be to have this look in your own foyer.

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Stairway to heaven

In most homes, the hallway also features the staircase which makes it a pretty important feature of the space, and one which you should pay attention to if you’re trying to make your hallway feel grand. The easiest way to update your staircase is to do away with traditional wooden spindles and replace it with cool, contemporary glass instead. Just take a look at these ideas for some inspiration.

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