Would you be daring enough to paint your floor black

Thinking of making a dramatic change to your living room? Or perhaps it’s your bedroom that needs a makeover? If you’re bored of the same old ‘neutral’ colour scheme you’ve been sticking to for so long, then consider this – would you be daring enough to paint your floor black?

Black flooring is certainly raising a few eyebrows in the design world, but it’s also got serious style points too – if you’re brave enough. While black floor tiles are pretty common in modern bathroom and kitchen designs, it’s less commonly used as wooden floor option but is growing in popularity – after all, they say black never goes out of fashion. Black flooring is definitely not for the faint hearted, but it’s a design trend that we absolutely love, so we would encourage you to consider it.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add instant drama and luxury to your room, a black floor could be just the way to do it. It can be matt or glossy, aka brushed or lacquered, so you can create as much drama as you feel comfortable with. Pair with a white leather sofa for a contemporary monochrome effect, or with pale grey chairs and coloured cushions for a chic look and feel to your living room décor. If you’d rather try out a black floor in your bedroom, keep the rest of the décor simple and uncluttered. Because black has the effect of making a room appear smaller, it’s not ideal for a small spare bedroom, but looks incredible in a master bedroom.

One of the key points to note with a black floor is that dust will be much more noticeable, so you will have to sweep and dust regularly in order to keep this floor at its most beautiful. Making sure you use a microfibre mop when washing should help to attract the majority of the debris, but be careful there are no unsightly watermarks left after you wash your floor and let it dry naturally. You’ll also want to prevent as many scrapes and scratches as possible which will be more noticeable – so keep those shoes off it, and try to just wear socks to protect your black floor.

If painting your existing solid wood floor seems like too much hassle between sanding it down, varnishing and finishing it, you can buy a new black floor from us for a fraction of the hassle. This black smoked oak floor looks stunning, and is even suitable for underfloor heating, making it perfect for an open plan living space. We also love this black tile effect laminate with a gentle marbled effect adding depth and creating an extremely elegant finish for your room.

Feeling braver? We hope you’re feeling inspired to come over to the dark side and try out black flooring in your own home. Check out the full range of black flooring on our website, and don’t forget you can request samples of any of our floors shown to make sure you’re totally confident before making the change.

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