April 2017

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How to pick the perfect flooring for your office

Having an inspiring, creative space to work in makes going to work so much easier, and décor plays a huge part of that. We’ve all seen the amazing office spaces at Google, with slides, snugs and quirky touches that make it a fun place to come to work every day, and creating your own little space of creativity can be done with a smaller budget. Our advice is start from the ground up, and pick the perfect flooring for your office to build your workspace around. Here’s our tips on... Read More


Décor focus: Give your guest bedroom a Scandinavian twist

Scandinavian interiors are such a popular design trend at the moment, thanks to the fresh clean feel and minimal clutter which makes your living space feel so much more inviting. While it might not be practical to have your living room or bedroom decorated in this way (after all, real life involves a little bit of clutter and mess every now and again), having your guest bedroom decorated in this style is ideal. It’s a room not used every day so clutter will be minimal, it’s timeless so you don’t... Read More

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Affordable flooring ideas – our top 6 best sellers

At we firmly believe that everyone can get a great deal on their new flooring, and we provide one of the widest ranges of wooden floors to give you a choice of styles, colours and of course price ranges, to suit your budget. We recently added a brand new ‘Best Sellers’ section to our website so that you can get a fantastic deal on some of the most popular flooring choices we offer. When it comes to affordable flooring ideas, here’s our top 6 best sellers and why we... Read More

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Why should you choose laminate wooden flooring

When it comes to picking a new floor for your home or office, it can be overwhelming as there’s so much choice on offer. If you’re deciding between colours and plank thicknesses, you mightn’t even have given much thought to the type of wooden flooring you’ll want. This blog post should answer some of your questions on why you should choose laminate wooden flooring for your next project, and highlights it’s many attractive features that you’ll love. Budget Let’s face it, we’d all have the house of our dreams if... Read More