Décor focus: Give your guest bedroom a Scandinavian twist

Scandinavian interiors are such a popular design trend at the moment, thanks to the fresh clean feel and minimal clutter which makes your living space feel so much more inviting. While it might not be practical to have your living room or bedroom decorated in this way (after all, real life involves a little bit of clutter and mess every now and again), having your guest bedroom decorated in this style is ideal.

It’s a room not used every day so clutter will be minimal, it’s timeless so you don’t need to worry about updating it frequently, and it’s inviting – so just the thing when you want your guests to relax and feel at home. Here’s a few design tips on creating this look in your guest bedroom yourself.


Scandinavian decorating is all about using natural elements for decorating, so obviously the only choice for your flooring is wooden. In a guest room, this can feel a little cold so if you need to you can add a cosy rug over the floorboards to make it feel more inviting. Browse our range of Scandinavian-inspired flooring on our website now – a firm customer favourite is the grey almond colour which works perfectly for this design theme.

Colour palette

For Scandinavian-inspired decorating, think greys, whites and pale pastels for your key colour palette. We love the look of this bedroom with the subtle hints of soft blush which add a bit of extra cosiness to the overall décor. You can also add little pops of colour by adding succulents in white jars around the windowsill.

Wood accents feature heavily

Scandinavian decorating is all about wood – so your furniture should complement this, and any decorative accessories that you want to add should ideally be natural materials as well – think natural woven baskets, thick woolly blankets and minimalist prints framed on the wall. To really make an impact in this room, you could also consider using wooden flooring as a feature wall behind the bed – check out our recent blog post on how to create this look at home.

Cosy blankets

Naturally in Scandinavia, the temperature dictates that cosy blankets and throws over the backs of chairs are a must. Even if the temperature at home doesn’t warrant the sheer number of blankets on display in your guest bedroom they really contribute to the overall look and feel of the room. Try to get thick weave versions to create a truly authentic Scandinavian feel.

Natural light

Make the most of any natural light you have in your guest room, and if you lack sunlight in this part of the house lighting will be crucial to incorporate into your space. Fairy lights around the window and headboard can add that delicate hue that makes the space more inviting, and there are some great designs available for bedside table lamps that are Scandi-inspired.

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