August 2017

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10 things to consider before you pick a new floor

Picking a new floor can be difficult as there are so many different factors to consider before you buy to ensure you get one that’s fit for purpose, and of course one that you love. To help you out here is our handy guide of 10 things to consider before you pick a new floor. These are 10 practical areas to consider when deciding on a new floor to take the risk out of new flooring purchases 1. Size: Consider the size of your room and know how to measure... Read More

Hygge decor 24/08/2017
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Trend alert: Creating a home with a soul

In recent times, interior design favoured a lot of clean, white and minimalistic colour palettes, which could make houses feel a bit clinical and lacking any personalisation or home comforts. Thankfully, trends have moved on (as they do) and now there is a much greater demand for creating a home with a soul. We’re not talking about transforming your home into some kind of spiritual retreat, but instead we’re all in favour of embracing this trend which creates a home which makes you feel happy, peaceful and content to be... Read More

wooden floor wooden worktops 16/08/2017
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Tips for matching your wooden floor to your kitchen worktops

Choosing the right flooring and kitchen worktop combination can be tricky – you want it to look stylish, and yet if you buy them separately it can be a bit of a risk to match them up. To help you decide on the best combination for your home, read our tips for matching your wooden floor to your kitchen worktops for effortless style. Wood and wood Some people think you can’t have wooden floors if you have wooden worktops, or if your kitchen cabinets are wood then you shouldn’t have... Read More

Mopping your wooden floor 08/08/2017
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How do you look after your wooden floor?

A new wooden floor is a beautiful addition to your home, and with the proper care and maintenance it will look great for years to come. But exactly how do you look after your wooden floor? As there are different types of wooden floor (laminate, engineered, solid wood) there are different ways to clean each for getting them to look their best. Here’s some of our tried and tested tips and advice on looking after all floors for the best results. Vacuuming For lifting surface dirt and debris on a daily... Read More

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Which room are you flooring next?

The summer months are a great time to tackle DIY projects around the house, so if you got some improvements in mind we can help. The best place to start with any room transformation is the floor, and of course we have floors to suit every room in your house. Whatever room you are flooring next, we can help with advice and suggestions on what to consider so that you get the perfect flooring for your space. Best flooring for nursery If you are decorating a nursery, you’ll need a... Read More