Our Top Oak Laminate Flooring

There are many benefits to laminate flooring options over solid and engineered wood flooring. One of the main benefits is that it is a cheaper flooring option. Our oak laminate flooring starts from as little as £7.99 per square meter (don’t worry we can also work in square feet).

Laminate floors are more resistant to scratches, moisture and general wear and tear. This also makes it easier to clean as well. While real wood Oak flooring is desired for its character and texture of deep knots and elaborate grain. The technology in creating oak laminate flooring has advanced dramatically in recent years.

This has lead to the laminate flooring having a similar texture and appearance to real wood flooring. So our oak laminate flooring emulates the effect of real oak floors without the cost, installation difficulties, or maintenance issues of real wood floors.

We have a huge range of quality Oak laminate flooring options. From the ever-popular grey oak to natural oak parquet, we have quality laminate flooring that will make any house a home. These laminate floors are also suited for underfloor heating and are fitted with an easy click system.

Our most popular Oak Laminate Floors

Our Signature Collection of laminate flooring in a Natural Oak and Light Oak Parquet effect is ideally suited for a reserved living area. This is one of our most popular floors thanks to its herringbone finish. This gives you the look of a parquet floor without the hassle.

Signature 8mm Herringbone. Natural Oak Parquet

Signature 8mm Herringbone. Natural Oak Parquet

Grey Oak effect laminate flooring is an extremely popular flooring design. This laminate floor has an extremely realistic appearance of aged hardwood flooring. With its rich smoked tones and natural grain appearance, this laminate floor is perfect for your hallway, dining or living room.

Sydney – 7mm Laminate Flooring – Grey Oak

This stunning Premier Select 8mm Oak Laminate flooring is perfect in its modern grey colour tones. This shade of grey is perfect for creating a modern look to your space and is a quality flooring option for those who favour a contemporary look.

Premier Select - 8mm Laminate Flooring - Modern Grey Oak

Premier Select – 8mm Laminate Flooring – Modern Grey Oak

All of these cheap floorings are available for free samples.

What Laminate Oak Flooring is right for my home?

With such a huge range of oak laminate flooring available it can be difficult to know what will be best for your home. The two most popular options, however, are Grey Oak Laminate and Natural Oak Laminate flooring.

Grey Oak Laminate Flooring

Grey oak laminate flooring is available in light and dark shades. The light grey flooring is a wonderful way to let some light into your home. The light shade helps to reflect natural light and can help make a smaller space look much bigger and brighter.

The darker a floor the more difficult it is to keep clean as they show up dirt very easily. That is why we would recommend a mid to dark grey rather than a black laminate floor. Dark grey floors can create a modern and contemporary look in your home. They pair well with both light and dark coloured furniture.

Natural Oak Laminate Flooring

If your room has a little less square meterage than you would like a light coloured floor can create the illusion of space. The lighter laminate flooring also masks dirt and damage better as well. Lighter wood floors are better suited for homes with a more traditional design.

How do I clean my laminate floor?

You’ve got yourself a gorgeous new laminate, freshly installed and looking the part in your home. Everything is fine and dandy until someone (who shall remain nameless) spills a glass of wine or a cup tea on the floor.

Especially when they do it at least once a week. At that point, how do you keep your shiny new laminate looking in tip-top shape? Even more importantly, how can you protect it from scrapes and scratches that’ll inevitably appear in a busy house, especially when its full of kids and pets?

Make sure to check out our guide here and have a look at our flooring products that will help keep your laminate looking good!

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