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What Is AC Rating For Laminate Floors?

Laminate Floors and Vinyl Floors come with an AC rating which indicates how much traffic, stains, impact etc they can withstand. To receive an AC rating the laminate flooring must pass a series of tests. So when you buy a Laminate Floor or  with a certain rating you know beforehand if it will stand up to your lifestyle. At Discount Flooring Depot we only sell floors with a rating of AC3 or higher. This ensured that any floor you buy from us with be able to withstand average household use. ... Read More

Image of a rustic room with lots of wood 14/01/2016

How To Match Wood Furniture To Your Wood Floor

You’ve fitted your brand new flooring and you can finally enjoy its warmth and beauty, and decorate from the ground up. But how do you approach matching wood furniture to your wood floor? You could just go out, find some trees and make a bunch of shelving units and tables, but who’s to say they’ll look good when in place… Below are some design secrets that’ll help you create a living space to be truly proud of.   Related: How To Rejuvenate And Maintain A Wood Floor   Understand undertone Colour... Read More

Image of a mop cleaning a wood floor 01/12/2015

How To Rejuvenate And Maintain A Wood Floor

A wood floor can really make a statement in a home. Whether it’s a in a living room, dining room, bedroom or even the kitchen, a wood floor is a proud possession to be treated with care and attention. But the inevitable will – inevitably – happen. Your wood floor will lose its sparkling natural glow that filled you with so much pride when it was first laid down, and you will have to think of replacing it or of ways to rejuvenate it. Don’t panic! We’re here to help. Read our advice... Read More

Image of an adult hoovering around a baby 27/11/2015

How to Choose The Best Flooring For Your Child’s Room

All parents have been here before – what is the best flooring to lay in a kids room? Whether it’s a play room or a bedroom, whichever type of flooring you choose, and however much time you dedicate to keeping it looking great, it will be quickly covered in toys and, inevitably, be a scene of juice spillages and painting disasters. The main thing to keep in mind is that children fall over – a lot – so getting the right floor really does matter: What are your choices? Lets look through your options:   Laminate... Read More