Artificial Grass

Artificial grass 12/10/2015

Artificial Grass: A Beginner’s Guide

For black-thumbed gardeners, people lacking enough time in the day or people looking for an easy solution to garden maintenance, artificial grass may be the answer and give you a perfect lawn with minimal effort. Many keen gardeners will spend hours during the year tending their lawns, but if you hate mowing, weeding and sowing then artificial grass could be your solution. Artificial grass is the perfect material for a green garden all year but without the mud, mess or fuss. It is also hygienic and our range is pet and child friendly.   What is artificial grass?... Read More

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Laying Artificial Grass – Top Tips

Artificial grass is great. It can give you that perfect, rolling green lawn all year around, with having to worry about the usual mud, mess and fuss of a real grass garden. No creepy crawlies, no mowing, no watering, no weeding, artificial grass takes care of it all. But like a good garden or any good floor, you’ve got to know what you’re doing to get the best results. While installing artificial grass is relatively easy and shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with even the most basic DIY skills... Read More

Artificial Grass Poolside 12/05/2015
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7 Gorgeous Gardens You Won’t Believe Have Artificial Grass

You won’t believe this grass isn’t the real deal. While you might be tempted to turn your nose up at ‘fake’ lawns, there’s plenty of reasons as to why artificial grass can save you time, money, and elbow grease, making your summer dream garden a reality with a fraction of the work. Artificial grass has come along leaps and bounds in the last decade or so, making the move into turf that is at times, barely distinguisable from the real thing. If you’re still on the (garden) fence about getting... Read More