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May’s Mood board

What’s inspiring us this month? As we edge ever closer to summer and the temperature starts to rise we are getting inspired by soft, washed out colour. Living Coral is Pantone’s colour of the year for a reason.  It is vibrant, yet mellow, and has a warming comfort to it.       The deep, rich colour of a solid bamboo floor, pairs beautifully with the warmth of coral, helping to create a space that is soft and welcoming.     For a relaxed look, Renove has renovated and reupholstered vintage... Read More

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Best rug styles for every room in your home

Best rug styles for every room in your home How much thought do you give to your home accessories? Perhaps you’ve spent ages looking for the perfect mirror to hang in the hall, or you’ve been saving that space above the fireplace for a professional family portrait? Have you given as much thought to the rug under your feet? We think rugs need some attention too, so here is our take on the best rug styles for every room in your home.   Living room In the living room, it... Read More

Halloween Here's Jonny 30/10/2015
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Our 8 Favourite Halloween Horror Films

Today, we’ve got something very special for you, and it’s much scarier than another blog about flooring, we promise. We’ve asked the Discount Flooring Depot team what their favourite fiendishly scary Halloween flick is. After a great deal of arguing, we finally managed to narrow it down to our 7 favourites. We also were promised to stressed that this list is no particular order at all. It’s entirely random. Even though everyone knows The Shining is the best. Ssh.   8. Scream Horror legend Wes Craven’s reboot of the dormant... Read More