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Isn’t it time to upgrade that ugly carpet?

There’s definitely a time and a place for carpets as your flooring of choice, but if yours has seen better days it could be time for an upgrade – to a beautiful wooden floor instead. Read our latest blog post on the many reasons why wooden flooring is better than carpet, and why you should really think about upgrading yours sooner rather than later. Cleaner: You know that dread when someone enters your home with muddy feet and walks mud into all your carpets? Well with wooden flooring it’s still... Read More


5 reasons why you should clean your carpets now |

If you have carpets, you’ll already know how important it is to vacuum them regularly, but when was the last time you had them cleaned professionally? If it’s been more than a year ago, then you need to stop and read these 5 reasons why you should clean your carpets now, and then book a professional clean pronto! Germs, Mites and Bacteria It should come as no surprise that carpets are ideal environments for harboring all sorts of harmful bacteria, dust mites and germs that build up on a daily... Read More

Image of a tape measure and house plan with measurements 25/01/2016

How To Measure An Unusually Shaped Floor Deal With Carpet Offcuts

Installing a carpet is an exciting time. You’ve chosen your perfect carpet from hundreds of colours, dozens of types and you are ready to significantly increase the comfort level of your chosen room. But there are a couple questions that are now being raised.   How do I measure my floor? The simple answer, even if the room is uneven, is to measure the widest width and widest length in metres and multiply the two numbers. The result is the area in square metres. Say your floor is 3 metres... Read More

Man laying carpet on a wooden floor 26/10/2015

A Complete Guide To Laying Carpet

Fitting carpet is easy, right? Well, only if you know what you’re doing. We’ve known of people who thought they knew how to lay carpet and actually ended up selling their house by accident. We don’t want you to make the same mistake, so here’s your guide on how to correctly fit carpet…   Doing the groundwork Laying carpet is a bit like a relationship – you have to put the groundwork in before you move onto the next stage. In this case, the groundwork refers to making sure the surface... Read More

Man carrying roll of carpet 21/10/2015

Buying Carpet: A Beginner’s Guide

We do love our wooden flooring here at Discount Flooring Depot, but there’s always a place in our homes for carpet, after all there are few feelings as nice as walking on a new, plush carpet in bare feet. If you’re unsure about what to look for when buying carpet, here’s a beginner’s guide to set you on your way.   I’ve Heard About the ‘Pile’ of a Carpet, But What Is It? Good question. Quite simply, the carpet’s pile is the length and thickness of the fibres used to create... Read More

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Carpets To Combat The Cold – Five Reasons To Love The Rug

Carpet is cosy, and we’re ready to embrace it again. Wall to wall carpeting has somewhat fallen out of favour in recent years, and at times it’s not hard to see why. Like vinyl flooring, it can be hard to separate the mental image of carpet from those old rotten rugs from aging homes in the eighties and nineties, and solid wood and engineered wood flooring just seem so much more modern. While the elegance of hard wood flooring and engineered wood flooring is hard to deny, and with the... Read More

swollen flooring floors are creaking 23/07/2015
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Your Floors Are Creaking, What Do You Do?

  Your squeaky floors might help you catch your kids sneaking out after dark or your partner creeping downstairs for a midnight snack, but otherwise, they’re a bit of a pain. Folks might try and tell you that it’s your house just “settling” but this is no comfort when you’re woken in the middle of the night and are absolutely certain there’s a monster in the hallway doing a jig on the squeaky step. Typically, a squeaky floor is caused by your flooring wood trying out and shrinking. As you... Read More

Carpet Cleaning Flintstone 20/05/2015
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Carpet Cleaning – 5 Reasons To Get the Pros On Board

The right carpet will serve you well for many years. Though it’s recommended that you change your carpet every 10 years or so if you want to get that sort of mileage out of your comfy flooring, you’ll have to treat them right. Carpet cleaning might sound like the last thing in the world you want to spend your money on – especially when a good bottle of wine is so cheap – but when that same wine ends up on the floor when your dog/cat/kids/spouse (because it’s never your... Read More

Classic Carpet Living Room 18/05/2015
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7 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Amazing Carpet

Wall to wall carpeting has fallen out of favour with the discerning domestic decorator, it seems. The majority of new houses and redecorated homes seem to be opting for real wood floors or laminate flooring, but why? Maybe it’s something to do with the classic idea of thick, shaggy, garishly coloured nineties carpets going from wall to wall, laden with wine stains that will never lift, and cigarette burns that will remain eternally. It’s hard to shake the notion of carpet being a little lame, especially when wood flooring seems... Read More