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Our Top Oak Laminate Flooring

There are many benefits to laminate flooring options over solid and engineered wood flooring. One of the main benefits is that it is a cheaper flooring option. Our oak laminate flooring starts from as little as £7.99 per square meter (don’t worry we can also work in square feet). Laminate floors are more resistant to scratches, moisture and general wear and tear. This also makes it easier to clean as well. While real wood Oak flooring is desired for its character and texture of deep knots and elaborate grain. The... Read More

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Round up – 2017 customer flooring favourites

It’s nearly the end of another year, and at Discount Flooring Depot we’d just like to say a huge thank you to our customers who supported us over the last year. We have helped you pick some truly stunning floors for your homes, and even though we love all of our wooden flooring choices equally, you certainly have your favourites too. With that in mind, we thought we’d do a round up of your favourite floors from 2017 – so if you’re thinking about a new floor for your home... Read More

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FINAL WINNER Get 100% Cash Back on your New Floor – Competition Time *Updated*

Updated: Congratulations to our first quarter Winner Andrew Thompson: Checkout the Video here! Updated: Congratulations to our Second quarter Winner Ben Heffernan: See his installation photos below! Updated: Congratulations to our Third Quarter Winner Leslie Stevens in Southsea,our winner from 12pm 30th September! Updated: Congratulations to our Final Winner Mr & Mrs Hobbs in Bexley ,our winner from 12pm 31st December! – We will update with some photos once they come through! To Celebrate 2016 we have an exciting new 100% Cash Back* Competition! Our Next competition will run from 1st... Read More

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Discount Flooring Depot: Customer Case Study

Discount Flooring Depot: Customer Case Study Overview Our lovely customer was seeking a new flooring solution for his conservatory, as the current carpet had perished in the heat. He needed a more practical, stylish yet affordable alternative, so naturally he came to Discount Flooring Depot to find something suitable and within budget. Background Mr Jones was looking for a new flooring alternative for his conservatory, and really wanted oak wooden flooring to match with the rest of the ground floor of his house. Having a continuing flooring style between all... Read More


Easter DIY Weekend 2016

If you’re planning on using the Long Easter Weekend to crack a few much needed DIY projects, it will be perfect time to get a few inside projects out of the way as the weather outside is set for nothing else but rain and thunderstorms all long Weekend . Whilst this is bad news for anyone looking to carry out gardening projects, work inside the home should go relatively unaffected by the unsettled conditions. If you need some inspiration to get you started this weekend check out our DIY decorating... Read More

Christmas presents 21/12/2015
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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Christmas

Panic! It’s only a matter of days until Santa slides down the chimney, and you still haven’t got all your gift giving boxes ticked. Even the most avid of gift buyers and the most full on festive fan will find themselves with a gap in their gift collection. Maybe you covered all the distant relatives and friends but forgot to get something pinned down for your significant other, or maybe a friend who isn’t usually generous decided to (un)pleasantly surprise you this year, and now you feel like you owe... Read More

Santa 04/12/2015

10 Terrible Christmas Jokes

Be warned. When we say terrible, we mean it. These jokes are truly terrible, in fact, we can’t think of anything as bad as these right now, except maybe having to listen to them be read with great pride by your unfunny uncle, dad, or whatever other man in your life has made it his mission to make you cringe at any chance. For added effect, imagine you’re wearing a flimsy little party hat, you’ve got your elbows in congealed gravy from your empty dinner plate, and you’re wondering if... Read More

Black Friday Stampede 27/11/2015

Black Friday – 5% Off With Code!

Black Friday is here, and why struggle with the crowds in the stores when you can bag a bargain online? Avoid getting trampled at Tesco or crushed at Currys and instead, do your shopping the smart way. With our exclusive offer code black5, get 5% off all products* across our website, bag your dream floor for the holidays without breaking the bank! That’s black5, simply enter it at checkout to get an amazing deal. Click here to browse our full range of products.     Where Did Black Friday Come... Read More

Autumn Laminate Flooring 09/11/2015
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5 Autumn Floors You’ll Fall In Love With

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling, the nights are getting shorter and shorter, and suddenly, everything is pumpkin flavoured. What’s going on? On top of that, most shops seem to have immediately swapped their Halloween decorations for Christmas tat, and no matter where you go, Christmas music is slowly working it’s way into play lists. But Autumn isn’t over yet, and we’ve got a range of Autumnal themed floors that you’ll just fall in love with. Get it?   1 – Newtown Crowne Walnut 8mm Laminate This is a... Read More

Halloween Here's Jonny 30/10/2015
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Our 8 Favourite Halloween Horror Films

Today, we’ve got something very special for you, and it’s much scarier than another blog about flooring, we promise. We’ve asked the Discount Flooring Depot team what their favourite fiendishly scary Halloween flick is. After a great deal of arguing, we finally managed to narrow it down to our 7 favourites. We also were promised to stressed that this list is no particular order at all. It’s entirely random. Even though everyone knows The Shining is the best. Ssh.   8. Scream Horror legend Wes Craven’s reboot of the dormant... Read More