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Will Installing Wood Floors Increase The Value Of My Home?

80% of estate agents surveyed by the National Wood Flooring Association agree that installing wood floors increases home value by 1% – 10%. For example, the value of a £250,000 property would increase to between £257,500 – £275,000. Furthermore, 12% of the estate agents surveyed agree an even larger increase in value is likely. Increase Buyer Appeal – Low Maintenance The average thickness of a high quality solid wood floor is 3/4 of an inch. This type of floor can be sanded and refinished up to ten times over its... Read More

Autumn Laminate Flooring 09/11/2015
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5 Autumn Floors You’ll Fall In Love With

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling, the nights are getting shorter and shorter, and suddenly, everything is pumpkin flavoured. What’s going on? On top of that, most shops seem to have immediately swapped their Halloween decorations for Christmas tat, and no matter where you go, Christmas music is slowly working it’s way into play lists. But Autumn isn’t over yet, and we’ve got a range of Autumnal themed floors that you’ll just fall in love with. Get it?   1 – Newtown Crowne Walnut 8mm Laminate This is a... Read More

Fairmount Natural Oak Laminate 29/10/2015
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Go Thick Or Go Home – Upgrade Your Laminate and Save Money!

You might think that the thinner, less durable laminates always work out as a cheaper floor, but this isn’t always the case. Here at Discount Flooring Depot, we’ve a range of top quality laminates, but you might be surprised just how affordable our thickest, most durable floor in fact is. Have a look at the infographic below to see how a wide variety of high quality, beautifully designed, and durable floors might be much cheaper than you expected! Our prices are accurate at time of writing. The price for a... Read More

London Floors 23/10/2015
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Our Top 10 Best Selling Floors By City

Here at Discount Flooring Depot, we’re always keeping an eye on our best selling floors. It gives us an idea of the tastes of our customers, and helps us see what floors are moving the fastest and where the tastes of our happy customers lie, so we can make sure that the next editions to our ranges will be something that you’ll really love. But something we’ve never properly looked at before is what floor happens to be the best seller in each city across England and Wales. So here... Read More

Weird Wonderful Floors dolphin ocean 13/10/2015
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Weird Wonderful Floors – 5 Of The Best

Traditional laminates, vinyls, and even solid and engineered floors can be a bit boring. We’re not afraid to admit that. Flooring isn’t exactly the sexiest industry in the world, and while flooring tech advances are few and far between – except for Bolefloor – which is a nifty new floor made by computers, but you can find out more about that here. But while flooring technology stays relatively stationary, you can trust the internet to come up with a slew of weird and wonderful ways to change the nature of... Read More

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Order Now For Christmas With Finance Available!

We know, Halloween isn’t even here yet. But, as we’re sure you’ve seen, Christmas is imminent. Christmas is coming, and there’s nothing you can do but batten the hatches, cover your home in fake snow spray, and leave out a cookie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. There’s Christmas decorations all over the shops already, and they’re mingling with the Halloween tat to cause a strange sort of cognitive dissonance that makes you wonder why that laughing light up skeleton is holding candy canes and wearing a cheap tinsel... Read More

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Carpets To Combat The Cold – Five Reasons To Love The Rug

Carpet is cosy, and we’re ready to embrace it again. Wall to wall carpeting has somewhat fallen out of favour in recent years, and at times it’s not hard to see why. Like vinyl flooring, it can be hard to separate the mental image of carpet from those old rotten rugs from aging homes in the eighties and nineties, and solid wood and engineered wood flooring just seem so much more modern. While the elegance of hard wood flooring and engineered wood flooring is hard to deny, and with the... Read More

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Bolefloor – Meet The Floor Made By Computers

The latest advancement in the world of flooring is a looking glass into a bleak, apocalyptic world where machines have wiped out most of mankind and left the scattered, starving survivors alone in a hellish world of slavery in torture. Oh wait, no, that’s the plot of the Terminator series. Never mind. This isn’t Skynet, this is Bolefloor.   Not This This    What is Bolefloor?   It’s something entirely unique. A wooden floor made with Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (or CAD/CAM). Bolefloor does away with the... Read More

Visual history of flooring across the world 01/09/2015
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A Visual History of Flooring Across The World

Believe it or not, wooden flooring hasn’t always been around. It’s hard to imagine, we know. Cavemen weren’t worrying about whether to opt for a click lock system or tongue and groove, and the Romans didn’t have to consider that they needed to leave their solid wood floor to acclimatise before laying it. Obviously life was much less interesting without wooden flooring around, so we’ve compiled a delicious visual history of flooring to see how far we’ve come and revel in how lucky we are nowadays. We take a look... Read More

engineered flooring 05/08/2015
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Engineered Flooring – 5 Reasons You Need It In Your Life

Engineered flooring can be a bit of a mystery to those outside of the industry. When most of our staff first joined, were pretty clued in on laminates, solid wood floor, vinyl flooring, and carpet too. They’re all fairly simple, even if when you think of vinyl, you think of some flower printed monstrosity in your Granny’s kitchen. Engineered wood is a relatively new development in the flooring world. It’s pitched as the best of both worlds, a mix of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. It’s the most common... Read More