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Can Wood Floors Be Stained Darker?

Hardwood floors with a thickness of 8-10mm may be sanded and stained up to ten times. Each time, a darker or a lighter stain may be chosen. The surface layer of an engineered wood floor must meet a minimum thickness of 2mm for the process to achieve adequate results. Outcomes vary depending on the wood species, the grade or quality of the wood, and the age of the wood. The age of the selected stain is another factor that may contribute to the end result. Where a stain is many... Read More

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Advice on picking the right flooring finish

Are you struggling to choose the right flooring finish for your new solid wood floor? With so many options available it can be overwhelming and stressful trying to find the right one for your room – after all, a new floor is a long-term investment in your home and a decision you’ll have to live with for some time. Allow us to help you take the guess work out of floor shopping, with this guide on floor finishes and our expert advice on picking the right flooring finish for you. Lacquered... Read More