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durable wood flooring 18/09/2018
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Which Wood Flooring is Most Durable?

In order to understand which type of wood flooring is most durable, we must consider two factors: The impact resistant properties of each wood species The difference between solid wood floors and engineered wood floors We will now look at each point individually, beginning with how hardness is tested. Understanding the Janka Hardness Test Wood floor ‘hardness’ is measured using the Janka Hardness Test. Simply, the test involves measuring the force required to embed a small steel ball in the wood (exactly half of the steel ball must be embedded... Read More

house worth kitchen 07/08/2015
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House Worth – 7 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home

With the UK interest rate today holding at just 0.5%, marking the 78th consecutive month of record low interest rates, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about improving your home. A low interest means more money in your pocket, perfect for saving for a new car, a holiday, or even better, a home makeover. Increasing the worth of your house is easier than you might think, and often doesn’t require anything drastic! Putting money into your home (and we don’t mean hiding it under your floorboards) is a great... Read More

engineered flooring 05/08/2015
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Engineered Flooring – 5 Reasons You Need It In Your Life

Engineered flooring can be a bit of a mystery to those outside of the industry. When most of our staff first joined, were pretty clued in on laminates, solid wood floor, vinyl flooring, and carpet too. They’re all fairly simple, even if when you think of vinyl, you think of some flower printed monstrosity in your Granny’s kitchen. Engineered wood is a relatively new development in the flooring world. It’s pitched as the best of both worlds, a mix of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring. It’s the most common... Read More

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Engineered Flooring Installation – Top Tips

Solid wood flooring has that uniquely elegant, rustic feeling that you just can’t get from a laminate or vinyl floor. The problem is that real wood floor can be tempermental. It requires a lot of maintenance, it doesn’t play well with moisture, and stains and spills can become a real nightmare. The price tag can put a lot of people off as well, as well as the relatively complicated installation. Engineered wood floor is the solution to these real wood woes. It consists of a real wood layer on top... Read More

Flooring For Pets Aww 30/06/2015
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Flooring For Pets – What’s The Best?

When it comes to picking your perfect floor, there’s a massive range of variables to consider. What kind of underlay do you need? What kind of subfloor do you have? What will fit with your decor? What will suit your room? What’s your budget?… The list goes on and on, and pretty soon finding that dream floor can turn into a bit of nightmare. Even when you’ve made a choice yourself, what does the rest of the family think? Maybe the kids love it, maybe your partner hates it, but... Read More

bamboo flooring panda 05/06/2015
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Bamboo Flooring – A Beginners Guide

Bamboo flooring is exotic and unique. It’s got it’s own rich colour and feel. Bamboo floor is made from the bamboo plant, favourite food of pandas world wide. It’s also an incredibly strong material, with a greater compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete, and a tensile strength that can rival steel. Hopefully you’ll never put your bamboo floor under that sort of pressure! But you can rest assured that a bamboo floor is strong enough to withstand the hustle and bustle of day to day life and a busy... Read More

flooring accessories 03/06/2015
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Solid Oak Flooring – 8 Stunning Rooms!

We’ve already been nattering on about the many benefits of getting yourself a solid wood floor, as well as the different pros and cons of the range of finishes you can get over on our blog, Solid Wood Flooring – What Finish Is For You? But we all know the best way to decide what kind of floor is best for you, is to see them in action. We’ve a fantastic range of Solid Oak Flooring over on our website, but have a look at these gorgeous rooms that are... Read More

solid wood floor lacquered 01/06/2015
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Solid Wood Flooring – What Finish Is For You?

Solid wood flooring has a range of benefits, but how can you choose the right style and finish for you? With such a range of woods and finishes, it can be tough to pick just one. Unless you’ve got the luxury of getting yourself a different solid wood floor in each room (that would be the dream, wouldn’t it?) then you’ll have to double down and settle for just the one. But what is right for you, and what’s the difference? We’re here to help. Solid wood comes in a... Read More

engineered oak flooring 26/05/2015
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Engineered Oak Flooring – Why It’s Perfect For You

Engineered oak flooring might just be the answer to a range of your flooring related woes. While laminate flooring can be water resistant, tough, hard wearing, and perfect for homes with kids and pets, it just can’t live up to the quality and the feel of real wood. Laminates may be cheaper and handier, but for that true touch of class and authenticity, real wood is the real deal. The problem is, real wood can cost an absolute fortune, and it’s tempermental too. Real wood can’t be used with underfloor... Read More

free delivery van 22/05/2015
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Free Delivery Ends 31st May. £30 Delivery Charge Starts 1st June!

It’s your last chance to get free delivery on orders over £199, as we’ll be ending this offer on the 31st May! From 1st of June, our delivery cost will be £30. So if you want to make the most of this our free delivery options, you’ve got just over a week left to make your orders!   Don’t worry, we’ll still have our usual range of fantastic offers on our website. In fact, right now we’ve got a bank holiday weekend sale with up to 5% off with the... Read More