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These 7 Bank Holiday DIY Home Hacks Will Blow Your Mind

With a bank holiday weekend coming up, there’s no better way to spend that extra to yourself than to give your home some extra love and attention. While a little bit of DIY can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. These 7 DIY home hacks will help you to get the biggest results with the least effort. Sounds good to be true? Read on and see for yourself.   DIY Tip 1 – Upcycle Old Drawers Into Stylish Shelves   If you want to save money and save the... Read More

Decorating Ideas Photo Collage 08/09/2015
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7 Decorating Ideas on a Budget For Your New Flat

It’s around that time of year again. Whether you’re a student, or a recovering student hunting for their newest digs closer to a new job or further away from the same old pesky family… you might be in the middle of a house hunt. Or if you’re lucky, you’ll have just finished a house hunt and are settling in to your new pad and wondering if your shoe string budget will allow you to buy actual cutlery and also afford some new stylish cushions or fairy lights too.   If... Read More

house worth kitchen 07/08/2015
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House Worth – 7 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home

With the UK interest rate today holding at just 0.5%, marking the 78th consecutive month of record low interest rates, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about improving your home. A low interest means more money in your pocket, perfect for saving for a new car, a holiday, or even better, a home makeover. Increasing the worth of your house is easier than you might think, and often doesn’t require anything drastic! Putting money into your home (and we don’t mean hiding it under your floorboards) is a great... Read More

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Engineered Flooring Installation – Top Tips

Solid wood flooring has that uniquely elegant, rustic feeling that you just can’t get from a laminate or vinyl floor. The problem is that real wood floor can be tempermental. It requires a lot of maintenance, it doesn’t play well with moisture, and stains and spills can become a real nightmare. The price tag can put a lot of people off as well, as well as the relatively complicated installation. Engineered wood floor is the solution to these real wood woes. It consists of a real wood layer on top... Read More

Summer Garden Party dining 12/06/2015
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Garden Parties – 5 Fantastic Summer Ideas

It’s summer, get out into the garden! It looks like the weather finally might be starting to turn the right way, and what better way to make use of the sunshine than to turn your garden into the place to be this summer? Sure you could always go to your local beer garden, but fighting over the seats that get the best sun isn’t everybody’s idea of fun. Why not take the easy way out and bring the party to your back garden? You don’t have to worry about taxis,... Read More

Summer DIY Clay Coasters 09/06/2015
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7 DIY Shortcuts To Bring Summer Into Your Home

Summer is here! Well, what passes for summer in Grey Britain anyway! While you might be tempted to spend your free time chasing the sun across the clouds and racing in and out of the shed with the barbeque while the rain comes on and off, this is the perfect time of the year to fit in some quality DIY time. We’ve gathered up a few of our favourite tips from across the web to help you bring a little summer sunshine into your humble abode. Have a look.  ... Read More

DIY dinosaur planter 25/05/2015
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DIY – Our 5 Favorite Projects This Week

1 – Update That Blank Space With a Trio of Stocked Bookcases   Credit for this great idea goes to Ghost Parties. You might have a blank wall in your living room, bedroom, spare room, kitchen, den, pantry, swimming pool, gym, sun room, laboratory, office, dungeon… wherever! Sometimes there can be a wall that just doesn’t seem to gel with the rest of the room, or basically just doesn’t seem to serve a purpose. Why not double up turning it into extra storage space while filling the room just a... Read More

free delivery van 22/05/2015
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Free Delivery Ends 31st May. £30 Delivery Charge Starts 1st June!

It’s your last chance to get free delivery on orders over £199, as we’ll be ending this offer on the 31st May! From 1st of June, our delivery cost will be £30. So if you want to make the most of this our free delivery options, you’ve got just over a week left to make your orders!   Don’t worry, we’ll still have our usual range of fantastic offers on our website. In fact, right now we’ve got a bank holiday weekend sale with up to 5% off with the... Read More

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5 Reasons That Vinyl Flooring Is the Bee’s Knees

Vinyl flooring gets something of a bad rep, and it’s often justified. While the quality and style of vinyl flooring products has come on leaps and bounds, it’s hard not to think of horrible, 80’s style floors patterned with flowers or garish tile effects. The kind of flooring that is a new renter or home owner’s worst nightmare, but things have changed, and vinyl is in vogue once more. The quality speaks for itself, but here are 5 more reasons to convince you the value of vinyl flooring.   1... Read More

Home Decor Ideas 28/04/2015
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5 Home Decor Ideas To Revitalise Your Home For Spring

Get ready for that May Day DIY rush (and keep an eye out for our upcoming sale!) with these handy home decor ideas to revitalise your home for Spring. These are all low effort, low cost tips, which as everyone knows, are the best kind. Hard work may be it’s own reward but with a busy schedule and a bustling home, quick fixes and cheap tricks are the order of the day. Have a look.   1 – Paint the Ceiling Ceilings can often become the neglected, after all, why... Read More