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modern wood flooring 09/04/2018
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Should I Opt For Light Or Dark Wood Floors?

When opting for light or dark wood floors, consider: Room size – Lighter floors add depth to small rooms Foot traffic – Darker floors show less overall scuffing Presentation – Lighter wood hides dirt e.g. hallways Maintenance – Different finishes could take several days Style & resale value – Consider current trends in wood flooring The choice between light wood flooring and dark wood flooring ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, there are many hidden factors to consider. Navigate your choices successfully and you could see both short term... Read More

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Light vs dark – which style are you?

When it comes to home interiors, are you more drawn to the dark colours or the light and bright ones? We’re not going to deny that home decorating trends come and go but there just some colours we will always be drawn to more. If you’re not sure which style is right for you, don’t worry – this post has lots of inspiration and a few tips and tricks to help you if you’re not sure which option is more suitable for your room. Creating bigger spaces One of the... Read More

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Dark flooring or light flooring and the benefits of both

Dark flooring or light flooring and the benefits of both When it comes to changing your home décor, a tin of paint or a roll of wallpaper is often enough to transform a space into something totally different. Changing the flooring however is normally a larger investment, and a more permanent solution that can’t be fixed quickly should the results not turn out the way you were hoping, and for that reason many people spend some time deliberating over which flooring is the best for them. In this post, we’ll... Read More