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durable wood flooring 18/09/2018
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Which Wood Flooring is Most Durable?

In order to understand which type of wood flooring is most durable, we must consider two factors: The impact resistant properties of each wood species The difference between solid wood floors and engineered wood floors We will now look at each point individually, beginning with how hardness is tested. Understanding the Janka Hardness Test Wood floor ‘hardness’ is measured using the Janka Hardness Test. Simply, the test involves measuring the force required to embed a small steel ball in the wood (exactly half of the steel ball must be embedded... Read More

underfloor heating 25/04/2018
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Can I Install Underfloor Heating Under Wood Floors?

Underfloor heating systems are available for all types of wood floors. A suspended wood floor lends itself to water pipe underfloor heating, whereas a concrete base floor is suited to an electric heat mat. ‘Flexible’ engineered wood floors with a thickness of around 15mm-18mm deliver the best results. Underfloor Heating Installation – Initial Considerations When considering underfloor heating options, major consideration should be given to newly laid concrete foundations. New foundations are typically laid with a thickness of around 75mm. On average, this thickness of concrete requires a settling period... Read More

White Oak Hardwood Flooring 07/03/2014
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Super Special Solid Wood Species!

When it comes to a solid or engineered wood floor, we have lots of choices for you. One of the big deciding factor is the species of wood, so this blog should dispel any confusion for you! I’m going to focus on our 5 Main Species – OAK This species is the most common type of wood used for flooring as it is more easily grown and milled than others. Originally used commercially for wagon wheels, tools and shops, Oak is one of the more dense and heavy species, which... Read More