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Pinting your floor 03/12/2018
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Can Wooden Floors Be Painted?

For best results from painted wooden floors, select an oil based or latex based enamel wood floor paint (acrylic paint is not suitable). While traditional oil based paint is generally longer lasting, latex-based paint is easier to apply and maintain. Paint containing polyurethane benefits from both increased durability and does not require a separate gloss.   Painting Wooden Floors – Which Paint Should I Choose? Both oil based and latex based enamel wood floor paint deliver a quality finish. In terms of lifespan, oil based paint offers an increased resistance... Read More

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Laminate or solid wood – which is right for you?

When it comes to choosing a new floor for your home, the sheer number of choices you have to make can be overwhelming – colour, wood type, thickness of planks, underfloor heating compatibility. Where do you start? We always think the best place to begin when choosing a new floor is to decide on solid wood or laminate, as this will help you narrow the choices down further until you have your ideal floor. When it comes to laminate or solid wood flooring, how can you decide which is right... Read More

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10 things to consider before you pick a new floor

Picking a new floor can be difficult as there are so many different factors to consider before you buy to ensure you get one that’s fit for purpose, and of course one that you love. To help you out here is our handy guide of 10 things to consider before you pick a new floor. These are 10 practical areas to consider when deciding on a new floor to take the risk out of new flooring purchases 1. Size: Consider the size of your room and know how to measure... Read More

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Affordable flooring ideas – our top 6 best sellers

At DiscountFlooringDepot.co.uk we firmly believe that everyone can get a great deal on their new flooring, and we provide one of the widest ranges of wooden floors to give you a choice of styles, colours and of course price ranges, to suit your budget. We recently added a brand new ‘Best Sellers’ section to our website so that you can get a fantastic deal on some of the most popular flooring choices we offer. When it comes to affordable flooring ideas, here’s our top 6 best sellers and why we... Read More

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Keeping safe when you have wooden floors

Wooden floors are a beautiful addition to your home. They are durable, cost effective and versatile, so you can use them in every room in your house. Keeping safe when you have wooden floors is more than just preventing slips. Here are the additional things the experts at DiscountFlooringDepot.co.uk say you should consider if you are thinking about getting wooden floors so you can enjoy them for years. Slips Obviously one of the biggest hazards of wooden floors is their slippery surface which can make it more likely you’ll slip... Read More

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Choosing the right type of wooden floor for you

Choosing the right type of wooden floor for you If you need some help choosing the right type of wooden floor for your home, you’re not alone. It’s a struggle many people face, thanks to the huge range available. This guide should answer some of your questions about the types of wooden floor available, and where they could be used in your home. If you’ve still got questions after reading, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help. Laminate wood Choosing laminate wood flooring... Read More

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Discount Flooring Depot: Customer Case Study

Discount Flooring Depot: Customer Case Study Overview Our lovely customer was seeking a new flooring solution for his conservatory, as the current carpet had perished in the heat. He needed a more practical, stylish yet affordable alternative, so naturally he came to Discount Flooring Depot to find something suitable and within budget. Background Mr Jones was looking for a new flooring alternative for his conservatory, and really wanted oak wooden flooring to match with the rest of the ground floor of his house. Having a continuing flooring style between all... Read More

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Dark flooring or light flooring and the benefits of both

Dark flooring or light flooring and the benefits of both When it comes to changing your home décor, a tin of paint or a roll of wallpaper is often enough to transform a space into something totally different. Changing the flooring however is normally a larger investment, and a more permanent solution that can’t be fixed quickly should the results not turn out the way you were hoping, and for that reason many people spend some time deliberating over which flooring is the best for them. In this post, we’ll... Read More

Autumn Laminate Flooring 09/11/2015
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5 Autumn Floors You’ll Fall In Love With

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling, the nights are getting shorter and shorter, and suddenly, everything is pumpkin flavoured. What’s going on? On top of that, most shops seem to have immediately swapped their Halloween decorations for Christmas tat, and no matter where you go, Christmas music is slowly working it’s way into play lists. But Autumn isn’t over yet, and we’ve got a range of Autumnal themed floors that you’ll just fall in love with. Get it?   1 – Newtown Crowne Walnut 8mm Laminate This is a... Read More

London Floors 23/10/2015
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Our Top 10 Best Selling Floors By City

Here at Discount Flooring Depot, we’re always keeping an eye on our best selling floors. It gives us an idea of the tastes of our customers, and helps us see what floors are moving the fastest and where the tastes of our happy customers lie, so we can make sure that the next editions to our ranges will be something that you’ll really love. But something we’ve never properly looked at before is what floor happens to be the best seller in each city across England and Wales. So here... Read More