Tile Effect Laminate

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Colourful motifs and abstract patterns

  Mediterranean tiles Colourful motifs and abstract patterns… Inspired by traditional Moroccan tiles our laminate Mediterranean collection makes a practical flooring option. The influence of Morocco’s position in North Africa, boarding the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is prevalent through its local art and design. With cobalt and saffron being reminiscent of the of the oceans and sweeping deserts. While the epic mountain ranges and ancient medinas have inspired travellers for centuries. Originating in Morocco in the 10th century the original tiles were in subdued hues of white and... Read More

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Wood Floors Vs Vitrified Tiles

Engineered wood floors (and to some extent solid wood floors) respond well to underfloor heating and are comparatively much easier to maintain compared to vitrified tiles. This makes wood floors the ideal choice for indoor use. Vitrified tiles are difficult to remove and possess hard-wearing all-weather characteristics suitable for outdoor use (e.g. patios). What is a Vitrified Tile? Unlike standard ceramic flooring, vitrified tiles contain quartz and feldspar. When heated in a kiln, quartz and feldspar melt together to form a glass-like glue that binds the clay tile together. This... Read More

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4 ways to use Elite Stone Concrete in your home

One of the main advantages of a laminate wooden floor is that advancements in design allow for wooden floors to cleverly replicate other popular flooring options, like tile or stone effect floors. As the range of tile-effect wooden floors has increased, so too have the opportunities to incorporate them into your home interior. Many design-conscious homeowners are embracing tile in rooms all over the house, not just the bathroom where these would be a traditional choice. One of our most popular tile-effect flooring choices is our Elite Stone Concrete which... Read More

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Tips for picking the right flooring for your kitchen

Are you considering new flooring for your kitchen? We know what a challenge it can be to find something that suits all of your criteria, and of course you’ll have lots of questions before making your decision to ensure the end result is one you are completely satisfied with. Fear not – we have heard it all before, so in our expert opinion here are our tips for picking the right flooring for your kitchen. What kind of flooring is available for your kitchen? First of all – do you... Read More


Modern flooring trends for a stylish home

For a stylish and contemporary home interior, you need to think about every element of your fixtures and finishing touches so that they work together to create a sleek décor style. One area you can’t overlook is your flooring. Your flooring choices can instantly transform the whole look and feel of your room, so naturally you’ll want to know more about modern flooring trends for a stylish home. Read on to be inspired by the modern flooring options available and how we can help you achieve each of these trends.... Read More

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How to match your wooden floor to your décor

Creating a seamless look for your home with design and décor is a tricky thing to master, in no small part thanks to the huge number of decorating styles and trends out there at the minute. There really is no shortage of ways to make your home unique to you. It does however pose the problem of how to match your wooden floor to your décor when you can experiment with so many different styles. This guide should steer you in the right direction. Modern décor If sleek and contemporary... Read More

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Tips for matching your wooden floor to your kitchen worktops

Choosing the right flooring and kitchen worktop combination can be tricky – you want it to look stylish, and yet if you buy them separately it can be a bit of a risk to match them up. To help you decide on the best combination for your home, read our tips for matching your wooden floor to your kitchen worktops for effortless style. Wood and wood Some people think you can’t have wooden floors if you have wooden worktops, or if your kitchen cabinets are wood then you shouldn’t have... Read More

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Tile Effect Laminate – A Night On The Tiles!

What Are Laminate Tiles?   Tile effect laminate flooring is manufactured in the same way a regular wood effect laminate is. A high resolution photo of a wood floor is essentially bonded onto a high density fibreboard (or HDF, as it is often known). This image can mimic just about any surface – marble, slate, travertine, granite, and so on – without the expensive price tag. In fact, a laminate could mimic just about any pattern or style, though we’ve yet to see high demand for flower print, seashell print,... Read More