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Customer Experience Team

Discount Flooring Depot is proud of it's Customer Service Team's and Sales Team's efforts, and customer satisfaction is a key priority of our business.  However, if at any stage you feel like you would like to raise an issue with any aspect of service which you have received, we would be delighted to look at each individual case in its entirety and reach an amicable outcome for both parties.

What is a complaint?

'An expression of Dissatisfaction'

This may relate to:

• A failure to provide a service or product.

• Inadequate standard of service.

• Dissatisfaction with a company policy.

• Treatment by or attitude of a member of staff.


Customer Experience Dissatisfaction Procedure:

If you have experienced any of the following:

  • Damage in Transit
  • Delivery issues
  • Manufacturing Faults
  • Poor Customer Service/Sales

We would ask that you please initially make aware of your experience by emailing us at:

If your experience specifically relates to a manufacturing issue please download, complete and email this form to the email address above so that we may investigate this on your behalf.  We would also ask you supply as many images of the query along with the above form so that we may more effectively determine if any fault does exist. It is of the up most importance that the above form is completed in full and with as much detail as possible so that we can fully investigate the matter on your behalf.

What to Expect

Regardless of the experience, we are here to help you and ultimately your satisfaction is our top priority. We can assure you that we take all experiences / feedback good or bad on board to improve our customer satisfaction and general service levels. We will endeavour to acknowledge your e-mail within 24hrs of receipt excluding experiences registered on a Friday whereas you would expect to receive an acknowledgement by 5pm on Monday.

Due to the complexity of investigating damages, delivery issues, manufacturing faults etc. we may require 28 days to investigate your experience fully and effectively.  However, whilst this time scale may be required were it is necessary to seek further information from 3rd parties such as manufacturers, suppliers and couriers etc., we are normally able to deal with most issues much more quickly and the majority of  issues  are resolved satisfactorily within 5 days from receipt acknowledgement.

All complaints must be directed through to our Customer Experience Team where we will review your experience and from there it will be escalated to the appropriate team members. Your experience must be given in writing and must include any photographs, documentation or other requested evidence to support your enquiry. Unfortunately, we will not will be able to investigate any experience without supporting documentation and images being supplied when requested.