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Engineered Wood Flooring

What is Engineered Wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is made up of a HDF (high density fibre) or plywood core with a solid hardwood veneer glued on top. This provides the natural characteristics and beauty of a solid wood with greater stability to moisture and heat.

How is it Made?

Engineered flooring is made by stacking several layers of thin plywood or HDF perpendicular over one another. This method, due to the crossing direction of the grain, provides greater protection to the effects of temperature change and moisture resulting in engineered flooring having a greater stability level then solid hardwood flooring. Each of the layers of plywood and the solid hardwood veneer are bonded together with adhesive, the planks are then milled with tongues and grooves for installation before being finished and sealed.

Why Choose Engineered Flooring?

It is a common mistake that engineered flooring is a cheaper alternative to solid wood flooring as many believe it is a lesser quality. This however, is not the case. Although engineered flooring is not a 100% solid wood product, it does poses a number of advantages over real wood and other floor coverings:

  • Engineered flooring can be installed over dry wood and concrete subfloors.
  • Engineered wood flooring helps preserve exotic wood resources by on using a quarter of the materials that would be used for solid flooring.
  • Grants greater stability to moisture and heat than solid wood flooring due to the multiple-ply core.
  • The solid veneer top provides you the option to sand and refinish you floor   several times throughout the lifespan ensuring that the beauty and feel of a solid floor can be appreciated for years to come.