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How to Fit Vinyl Click Flooring


What is Vinyl Click Flooring?

Hardwearing and waterproof with the added benefit of being easy to self-install, vinyl click flooring is a popular choice for many homes. But what is vinyl click flooring, exactly? 

This innovative flooring is made from multiple layers that give it its strength, while its top layer mimics that of hardwood, tile or stone – without any of the associated cost or maintenance. While vinyl click flooring can be used throughout the home, its water-resistant properties make it a particularly good option for rooms such as kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms that come into frequent contact with water and exposure to humidity. 

Ready to get installing? Here at Discount Flooring Depot, our handy guide will walk you through all the steps of how to fit vinyl click flooring yourself.

How To Measure a Room

First things first, if you haven’t measured your room already, this is the starting point for laying your vinyl click flooring. Measuring a room is a quick and simple task but crucial in ensuring you purchase the right amount of vinyl click flooring and that you’re aware of any difficult areas such as radiators and steps before you start.

Square and rectangular rooms


Step 1 

Measuring a square or rectangular room couldn’t be easier. First, simply use your measuring tape to measure the length of your room, followed by the breadth. Once you’ve got these measurements, multiply both numbers by one another and this will give you your square footage. For example, if your room is 3m x 4m, you have a 12m² room. (See image A).


Step 2 

Next, take this measurement and add approximately 10% to your total square footage in order to cover you for any mistakes in when installing.

Irregular shaped rooms


Step 1

Irregular shaped rooms are slightly more complicated to measure, but this simple method will make the job easier. Start by creating a rough sketch of the layout of your room, then section each area into rectangles or squares. (See image B).


Step 2

Once you’ve sectioned each area, you can then measure each individually by width and breadth to determine its square footage, as you would a rectangular or square room. Then, once you have all these individual measurements, simply add them together to calculate the total square footage of your room.



The Tools Needed

Once you’ve measured your room and ordered the correct amount of vinyl click flooring accordingly, you’re ready to gather the tools you’ll need to start installing. You’ll need:


  • A Tape Measure

  • Spirit Level

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • 7-10mm Spacers

  • Saw or Stanley Knife

  • Rubber mallet

  • Vinyl Click Flooring Underlay



Prepping the Floor

After you’ve got your tools ready, the next stage is to prepare your sub-floor for installation:


  • If you’ve recently poured concrete or treated your floorboards, its crucial to ensure these are completely dry before laying your vinyl click flooring. 

  • Otherwise, make sure all of your furniture is removed from the room.

  • Vacuum or use a dustpan and brush to sweep up any dust and debris.

  • Check for any protruding nails or lumps of concrete.

  • Use your spirit level to ensure the sub-floor is a completely even and level surface. Anything over 2mm should be evened out before installing your vinyl click flooring.


How to Fit Underlay for Vinyl Click Flooring

Once you’ve prepped your sub-floor, the next step is to fit your vinyl click flooring underlay.

Underlay is an important part of the installation process, as it will affect the overall feel and appearance of your vinyl click flooring choice. As well as absorbing shock and making your flooring more comfortable underfoot, underlay can help reduce noise, act as an insulator and provide a smooth layer upon which to install your flooring.

Laying underlay is simple; simply lay it parallel across your sub-floor and trim to size around the perimeter of your floor, ensuring you cut a 16mm gap around any pipes. Stick together with masking tape and you’re done!

Not sure which you need? Learn more about choosing the right type of underlay.


How to Lay Vinyl Click Flooring

Now you’re ready to lay your vinyl click flooring! Due to its simple click-installation system, vinyl click flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring you can self-install.


  1. First, decide which direction you want your boards to face within your room. Then, to start, cut a board in half by scoring with a Stanley knife on the underneath using a ruler and then saw it off.

  2. Next, add your 7-10mm spacer against the wall to ensure you leave an even gap all the way along each side of your room. This expansion gap needs to be maintained throughout the whole installation process to ensure that the edges of your vinyl click flooring do not touch the wall, radiators or door frames.

  3. Starting in a corner of the room, place this half board flat against your underlay and join your next full-length board into the short end. You should hear a ‘click’ when they are properly attached.

  4. Continue this process until the full row is installed. You may need to cut the last board, ensuring you factor in your 7-10mm gap. Tap your boards lightly with your rubber mallet to ensure they are flush and properly clicked in place if necessary.

  5. Start the second row with full board to ensure that the joints are staggered. Click all the plank ends of the second row together in the same way as your first row. Once all the short ends are joined, gently click the entirety of the second row into the first row. Then simply continue this across the room until the entire floor is covered! 

Once you’ve finished installing your vinyl click flooring, you can cover the appearance of your expansion gap with simple floor beading for a professional-looking finish.

Follow our complete guide to how to fit vinyl click flooring and you can ensure your self-installation is quick and simple! Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, hallways or dining room, you can a wide range of wood, stone and tile effect vinyl click flooring to suit all homes here at Discount Flooring Depot.