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How to Measure a Room for Flooring Installations

When beginning any new flooring installation it is extremely important that you measure the room size accurately so that you can determine how much flooring you're are going to need.

Getting Started

Measuring the size of a room can be difficult but if you have a tape measure, pencil,paper and a calculator you should have no difficulties determining the size of your room.

We recommend that you measure your room size in metres as all of our pack sizes are m2 however, if you need to measure in feet and inches all of our flooring products have an easy to use flooring calculator which will convert the measurement for you or alternatively you can call us on 0161 6419 996 to confirm the  size required.

Allow 5% for wastage. Difficult areas, awkward cuts and mistakes can occur, so it important to ensure that you allow for wastage when ordering your floor.

Basic Room measurement

Measuring for standard rectangular rooms is quite straightforward. Simply Measure the length of the room and then the width of the room at the widest point. If the room measures 4 metres in length and 5 metres wide this would equate to 20 metres squared m2 . You should then add an extra 5% to ensure that you will have a sufficient amount to cover for any waste. Working from 20 mwill need an extra 1m2 to ensure that you have a sufficient amount to finish the job, so when ordering make sure to order 21m2 in total.

L Shaped rooms

The basic principal for measuring remains the same. However, where a room is in a L shape the easiest way to measure is to split the room into two parts, almost like two separate rooms. As before, calculate the length and width of each area then add the separate measurements together with the additional 5%.  i.e. Part A is 5mx3m = 15m2 , Part B is 3x2 = 6m2 , 15m2 + 6m2 = 21 + 5% = 1.05m2, the total amount required is 22.05m2 and this is the amount which you will need to order.