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How to remove scuff marks off a solid wood floor

How to remove scuff marks off a solid floor

After investing the money in a solid floor it is important to protect it to help keep the investment worthwhile, and to help extend the lifespan of it. Even those of us who are as careful as can be will not be able to stop scuff marks appearing from time to time. Learning how to remove the scuff marks can come in handy as it does not take long to do either!

On a floor with a varnished or waxed finished, it is recommended to use a vinegar-based solution. Spray this solution over the area where the scuffmark is, give the solution time to soak in, then once it has get a light steel wool pad, rub it over the area and the scuffmark should come out. Baking soda mixed with vinegar is another way the scuff mark can be taken out if you cannot find anywhere stocking a recommended solution. In the process of this some wax or varnish maybe removed and need patched in after as the floor maybe left a different shade in the area where the scuffmark was.

The above technique will work on the most stubborn of scuffmarks, but the majority of other scuffs should come out easier than that. A sock or soft cloth can be used, or another method that people use is to rub a tennis ball over the scuffmark, this idea came from America where the technique has been known to be used to take scuffmarks out of the floors in basketball courts.

The best way to try and get rid of scuffmarks is to stop them occurring in the first place. Even those of us who take extra care to prevent them will still find ourselves taking them out from time to time, but if we take precautions to prevent them this shouldn’t be too regular an occurrence. Regular waxing of the floor can help prevent this, as well as making sure trainers, heels etc are not worn frequently in the room of use.