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Laminate Flooring Care - Keeping the life in your laminate


To help keep your laminate floor clean and extend its lifespan following the hints and tips should be followed in order to maximise it's potential: 

1. Keep the floor clear of dirt, dust and grit by sweeping it regularly. Don’t brush to hard though as if there is grit it could damage the surface.

2. Place mats at door entries to help start dirt and moisture getting walked through into the house.

3. Try to protect the floor from any moisture and clean up spillages straight away.

4. When cleaning up spillages etc, or even when you are mopping the floor, make sure it is just an ever so slightly damp mop or cloth and that it is not soaking wet as the moisture will damage the floor.

5. Avoid walking on the floor soaking wet, for example when just out of the shower or if you are coming into the house with wet footwear or feet.

6. Put self adhesive pads on the bottom of heavy objects and furniture. This will stop them from scrapping the floor when being moved. It is advised that if you are moving anything to try and lift it as opposed to dragging it.

7. Try and avoid letting sharp objects such as high heels from coming into contact with the floor. This will stop indentations from being made.

If the above tips are followed you can keep your laminate floor in top notch condition for longer.