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Laminate Flooring General Information

Why choose laminate flooring?

Many people want to know why they should choose laminate flooring ahead of other floor coverings. One of the reasons that help’s influence them is the fact that laminate is one of the most durable and hard wearing out there. For areas with high foot traffic there isn’t a better option than laminate.

With laminate you have a far wider range to pick from than you do with engineered or solid wood flooring. Almost every colour, shade and specie is available in laminates, as well as different qualities in them, as well. It would be far to say that you can almost pick your own specification and get a laminate to match it. As well as wood effect boards, laminates are also available in tile effect to further widen what is available to you.

Laminate also works out to be the best value floor covering to go for. This combined with the fact that it is the most durable proves that it is without doubt the best value for money.

AC Ratings

AC Ratings are the ratings that help indicate how durable a floor is. AC Ratings start at AC1 and go the whole way up to AC5. The higher the number, the better in quality your floor will be. Here at Discount Flooring Depot we stock from AC3 upwards, below is a description of the ratings:

AC3 – Floors with this rating are suitable for domestic use.

AC4 – Floors with this rating are suitable for heavy domestic use / light commercial

AC5 – Floors with this rating are suitable for commercial use

Laminate Accessories

Choosing the floor is only half the task, it is essential to also pick the right accessories to help finish the floor off. Skirting board or beading should be used round the perimeters of a room to help hide expansion gaps, appropriate door bars should be used to provide transitions from the laminate to whatever the flooring maybe in the next room, installation kits are available for those of you who want to try your hand at some DIY, radiator rosettes are available for a tidier finish round your pipes as well as many other profiles and bits and pieces.

Kitchen Usage

Any laminate product can be fitted in a kitchen area. However, you must be aware that the manufacturer does not supply a warranty with any product which is fitted in a kitchen area. This is due to water use in the area and other factors such as the risk of a leak etc. The chances of something going wrong are slim, but it is important that you are aware of this. If you plan on going ahead with installing a floor in your kitchen which you plan on running through to another area, we would advise you to separate the two areas with door bars so that if a leak was to occur in the kitchen only the kitchen area would need uplifted.

Tile Effect Laminates

Many people are of the impression that laminates just come with a wood effect look. This is not the case. Many manufacturers are producing tile effect laminates now which are becoming increasingly popular as they resemble the stone or ceramic look but have all of the qualities of a laminate floor. Characteristics such as the laminate tile being warmer underfoot are reasons why customers are edging towards going for a laminate tile as opposed to a ceramic one nowadays.