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Maintenance Guide for Solid Wood UV Oiled Floors

Maintenance Guide for UV Oiled Floors

There are specific cleaning soaps available for oiled floors. It is recommended that the floor is cleaned immediately after installation, and on a regular basis. By doing this the floor becomes both hard wearing and easier to clean.

Instructions for use:

Step 1:  Clear all dirt, dust and debris off the surface.

Step 2:  Shake the soap solution thoroughly.

Step 3:  Follow the guidelines on the bottle and mix the recommended amount of soap solution with the recommended amount of hot water.

Step 4:  Fill up a second bucket of hot water to rinse the soap solution off the floor again.

Step 5:  Use a mop to clean the floor, when dipping the mop into the bucket make sure that it is only damp and not soaking wet before use. Regularly change the water so that you aren’t cleaning the floor with dirty water.

Step 6: Once this process is complete. Rinse out the mop and using the bucket with just hot water, dampen the mop and go over the floor to clean off all excess soap solution.